Addictive Matches in Hungry Shark Arena -
Addictive Matches in Hungry Shark Arena

Addictive Matches in Hungry Shark Arena

What will happen if 20 deadly sea predators are locked together? Natural selection. The survival of the fittest. It is the whole point of Hungry Shark Arena. Released in 2020 by Ubisoft, it is an online multiplayer of the battle royale genre.

Completely New Format

The developers of the well-established series know exactly what their fans need. After the success of previous single-player titles, they felt it was time for something new. Pitting the franchise admirers against each other was an excellent idea. The atmosphere of competition and a severe survival struggle is a real breakthrough. Combined with the well-proven system of characters’ upgrade, it stands out from similar online adventures.

Hungry Shark Arena: Kill or Get Killed

Hungry Shark Arena Kill or Get Killed

All 20 players are brought by helicopters to be thrown into the water. As you rush down, maneuver to swallow a couple of birds to get an edge. Once you are underwater, mind only 3 objectives:

  • Eat to become bigger
  • Devour other players (of the same or smaller size)
  • Be the last beast swimming

Follow these terms, and you win. The victory rewards you with valuable coins. Which you can spend on skins with advanced stats. Better speed and dash range are vital to become even more lethal to your foes.

A Couple of Hints for Beginners

A Couple of Hints for Beginners

Your rivals are not the only challenges in the adventure. Keep your distance from mines that explode and blow you up. And avoid areas with green clouds – they are poisonous.

Another difficulty is your diet. As you are small initially, some fishes are too big to attack. So, search for something of your size to be able to devour something more nourishing. For example, a diver.


It is exciting to see the evolution of the series. And it is symbolic. As a sea beast grows during matches, so does the franchise. From poor graphics to top-notch visuals and a lot of entertaining content. It is one of the most often played casual games. Available both for mobile devices and PCs. Like with anything in the cyber realm, be cautious. A Hungry Shark Arena download link may be disguised as malware. So use reliable sources.

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