ALAN unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution -

ALAN unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution

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The Alan unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution game.


  1. How to get 2000 gems guys
    Pls iam not gems and coins
    My shark is reef hilp for get

  2. show me your suscribers or i will unsubscribe you

  3. The first shark i bought was mako second alan third electro shark fourth nessie fifth ice shark sixth sharkeleon seventh abbyss shark eighth ninth kraken tenth were shark eleventh natasha the narwhal twevle kaiju shark

  4. I just got that shark yesterday it was 85% off and I bought it for 125 gems I looked at 18 ads to get to 125 gems

  5. I remembered when Alan was the most biggest shark you can get

  6. Thats good you got a frilled shark (Alan)

  7. I was saying the luminife and the other name something like that but i called it niraculus it rhymes with miraculous

  8. He’s not the biggest shark I was megladon

  9. I kept a nickname for Alan. Bullet. Coz that is how he swims.

  10. I am so surprised that this shark has no any special power,how could it destroy worlds lol

  11. I am in Mr. Snappy lv.6 (65,590) coin alan is good or not 😀😀

  12. In HSW Alan is Dead in the Artic Sea and its only Offspring became Cosmic Alan

  13. A bi seni çok seviyorum seni çok

  14. I can get alan for free lol in daily rewards and i started playing again after some years and restarted to 0

  15. I got Allan and he takes so long to lvl up I just wanna get moby already

  16. 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂👠🤴🏻⚖️

  17. 🏹👯‍♀️🏹. 🦅🌍🦅. 🏹👯‍♀️🏹☘️

  18. Coincidently its my birthday in 6 days and i get alan in 6 days so alan is like a little birthday gift for me!

  19. Alan is one of the strongest and fastest sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution game. But Alan isn't the biggest shark in the game.

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