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  1. Can someone tell me if special sharks are still in the game today

  2. Những con cá mập này do giáo sư kempstein tạo ra

  3. i play ⚡🦈 in hse he is so strong!

  4. Hoigan yo tengo casi todos los tiburones especiales tengo electrotiburon robo tiburón escuamaleon tiburón ártico y pirotiburon

  5. Hoigan yo tengo casi todos los tiburones especiales tengo electrotiburon robo tiburón escuamaleon tiburón ártico y pirotiburon

  6. Should I buy dunkleosteus now or wait for pyro?

  7. Which is better? Pyro Shark or Sharkeleon? Sharkeleon can mimic pyro shark, electro shark, and the ice shark powers and the pyroshark can fly and etc.

  8. That’s cool and all but what if… you actually used more of their abilities?

  9. It's not so exciting because I have already unlocked all special and normal sharks

  10. I think the ghost shark goes trought the walls

  11. My dad has cheat like this cuz cheating is fun if your bored what your doing

  12. Collecting money in this game is a hassle, but this guy has 10,000,000 do you think he pays in this game or just hacks.

  13. My opinion, u guys should buy the sharkeleon, robo shark, and the ghost shark

  14. It hurts that you didn’t show pyro shark’s Meteor Storm or Robo Shark’s Missiles.

  15. They haven't added special sharks in a long time..

  16. useless. show the abilities so people can make a purchase decision. only reason I came.

  17. Well actually the strongest special shark is ghost shark cuz its invincible

  18. The most annoying thing in the game is those bloody seals, I have the megalodon shark and they still dont fear me lol

  19. Ik you made this awhile ago but please respond if you can (did you seriously buy all those coins and gems)

  20. Soo I unlocked the Pyro, electric, ice and I won't buy the mimic and the Natasha

    Should I buy next the werewolf or the robot or the invisible??

  21. The pyro,ghost shark and robo shark is my favorite sharks

  22. Ghost shark cannot buy because itz invisible and spammer.Ghost shark must not buy…

  23. But the most thing I hate about the special sharks is that they can’t be in shark invasions

  24. When you but one of these special sharks with coins, are those permanent or do I have to buy it again?

  25. Profesor zero death he building ghost shark and died

  26. Gost shark is ok but l love this shark because it can absorb three powers electric , ice, fire 6:25

  27. the worst special shark is natasha the narval imo lol

  28. Which is better, hungry shark world or evolution ❓❓

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