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These are all Existing mutant sharks in hungry shark evolution including some concept sharks by Jo se dela torre like LUMINJIRA (luminite shark x sharkjira). will FGOL add one of them to the next New shark. what do you think guys?

Art by : @Jose De la Torre Lecca

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Hungry Shark Evolution is an exciting aquatic adventure. Hungry Shark Evolution features a diverse range of aquatic creatures, different currencies and a wide range of treasures to be found. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new sharks, fight a boss, and encounter even more weird and wonderful creatures.

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  1. Kraken, Behemoth And Sharknarok Has Left The Chat

  2. When I see megalodon that's been evolved that f**kin sick!

  3. Stop idiot the evolve sharks that are not in the game yet and it will never be

  4. Bawal ma pa evolb yong luminity may ganyan ako

  5. How there is a lot of sharks and hungry shaggy Bush there is 15 of sharks in the game you can allow them by the bar is going if you have nobody you cannot unlock them you have you had to get a lot of money by using key

  6. I try to guess the evolved names

    Mako-lighting mako
    Moby-moby disaster

  7. DarreLL ❤❤❤😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉😢😢😢😮😮😮😅😅😅😅😅😊😊😊

  8. Those evolutions look like legendary Pokémon 😂. Moby dick doesn't even have an evolution 😂😂 anyways,I love this game!

  9. They should definitely put this into the game.

  10. Mako Shark Becomes Bio-Mako
    Megalodon Becomes Gigalodon
    Moby Dick Becomes Mobilodon
    Leo Becomes Leo-Pleusaurus
    Nessie Becomes Nossa
    Luminite Becomes Luminjira

  11. bro yall didnt know you could evolve ur sharks? you can except some of the ones in this vid are not in the game

  12. I wish fgol make these evolution for all sharks in the game 😍🥰🥺

  13. Hopefully later the Kraken can mutate
    Kraken become Yog Shototh

  14. When will release was it fake or real

  15. Bro the evolved megalodon looks total badass

  16. aaaa for when the Evolution of Mobi Dick… To the Beast of Levyatan Melvyllei🎉

  17. There’s such a big chance for them to create leviathan melvillei as moby dick’s evolution

  18. there is no evolution of some sharks

  19. bro the luminite shark is not allowed to evolved

  20. Team some sharks fake bro 👇👇👇

  21. Leo has a evolved version henzack sorry if u already know

  22. Fisrt: the evolution in hungry shark evolution
    End: the real shark 😂

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