All Hungry Shark Entrances in Hungry Shark World | Hungry Shark World | @Dragon Heart Gaming -

All Hungry Shark Entrances in Hungry Shark World | Hungry Shark World | @Dragon Heart Gaming

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Hello, friends! It’s me, Dragon Heart! Today, I uploaded the video of Hungry Shark World which we’ll take a peek at all Hungry Shark World shark’s entrances before you take a control of your shark. In the thumbnail, I only choose the best entrances ever in HSW but, it was an only picture.

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  2. Congratulations You have so many views! Your not wrong ethiter!

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  6. I finally unlocked megamouth cause megamouth costs 60.000 coins I keep staying alive with frenzy shark when I died I press exit botton I was shock that my coins is 83 I can get megamouth great hammered tiger shark when I go to the basking shark I can't exit I say go back I unlocked megamouth

  7. Bro when alan cosmic was released that thing of the mouth was cancelled

  8. Jaydeefactorizahaftgradeonenextyearon2024zionbrosy says:

    Gaia left the chatAbyssal shark left the chatMighty matriarch left the chat

  9. I want the mega mouth shark but it's to expensive I got 6 gems but the mega mouth shark cost 230 gems

  10. I play hungry shark world in my tablet and there's no entrances

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  12. Friend need unlock mecha sharkjira and sharkjora

  13. I finally got cosmic alan today he had a sale for 5.00 pearls so it took a while so now I have him

  14. Its raining sharks! From out of the sky! Raining sharks! No need to ask why! Just stand still and close your eyes! Its raining sharks!!!!

  15. Nice Video and music background! It looks like they’re ready to eat you camera, HAHAHA😂

  16. Excellent video l love the background l love it!!!! 😍😍😍

  17. But it's not a bigger one Of those are great Comsic Alan Jackson county mo Hello Dragon Heart Gaming

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