All Hungry Shark Games 2010-2022 -

All Hungry Shark Games 2010-2022

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Welcome to a new video from EvolutionAccess this video is about the evolution of Hungry Shark games from the first game in the series Hungry Shark Part 1 released in 2010 to the latest Hungry Shark World 2022 Update


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⏲️ Timestamps:

0:00 Intro
00:14 Hungry Shark Part 1 (2010) Android, iOS
00:50 Hungry Shark (2010) Java
01:08 Hungry Shark Part 2 (2010) Android, iOS
01:30 Hungry Shark Part 3 (2011) Android, iOS
01:52 Hungry Shark Night (2011) Android, iOS
02:32 Hungry Shark Evolution (2012) Android, iOS
03:10 Hungry Shark World (2015) Android, iOS
03:52 Hungry Shark VR (2017) Daydream
04:38 Hungry Shark Heroes (2018) Android, iOS
05:15 Hungry Shark Ball (2019) Android, iOS
05:54 Hungry Shark World Updated (2022) Android, iOS
06:26 Outro

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  1. farm in tds (AGCIM)(GIAGAAFA Co-owner) says:

    Remember that one time no matter how big your shark is a seal attacks your back

  2. I remember when I have played Hungry Shark Evolution for the first time 8 years ago 🥺

  3. If you didn't know the shark at the beginning is named Chris and he's a pet in hungry shark world

  4. How do i download hungry shark night on android?

  5. Somebody know where i can play to hungry shart part1 2 and 3 ?

  6. These were good days.. who AM I KIDDING THEY STILL ARE

  7. Good old memories i remember playing these games on a hot summer trying to hide from my mom so she doesn't give me chores all the time because i was busy trying to figure out how to beat the crab 🤣 i miss them times

  8. only legends know the hacks we did just to get more shark

  9. Hungry shark 2010 and Old Evolution I miss you

  10. Nothing can beat hungry shark evolution and world

  11. The first one i played was the 2012 one.
    And the only one.

  12. 3:17 probably the only removal in HSW that I never noticed, also I didn't know if there's alot of Hungry Shark version, since I only know HSP1, HSP2, HSP3, HSE, HSW and HSVR (although the Part 1-3 was named trilogy)

    And if you don't get what I meant by mentioning the duration, it's all about the camera angle, it changes the POV.

  13. I remember when I still played it on my mom's phone because I was too young to have my own phone. Good times.

  14. İ started playing hungry shark evo in year between 2013 and 2014.

  15. Only true hungry shark evoloution veterans remember the shells

  16. Hungry shark VR is straight out of ps3 or ps2

  17. Wow I remember playing this in like 2012 it was so fun and still is

  18. wow they really…. havent strayed that far from the original XD

  19. Only legends know the yeti secret in hungry shark world

  20. Omg the first hungry shark that was my childhood game 😢😢😢😢

  21. i thought hungry shark 2010 (2) was just a dream

  22. tbh i didn't know there where more gtames than evolution and world

  23. Hungry shark never had a vr it's not even owned by Ubisoft

  24. The first game isnt even 3d its 2d!

  25. My childhood 😢. U should have included hungry dragon as well

  26. Hungry shark evplution is for tv android and ios

  27. Bro i remember playing hungry shark evo 2012 when i was a kid

  28. Dam I didn't even remember the old one existed

  29. So nostalgic and I like how the older the game gets the more realistic and the newer is unrealistic the world one doesn’t even have a day cycle like the last one

  30. how you gonna give evolution reef shark gameplay. Reef shark doesn’t do it justice

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