ALL SHARK SIZE COMPARISON LEVEL 1 vs 10 vs 20. Magmajira & Lord Snappy | Hungry Shark Evolution -

ALL SHARK SIZE COMPARISON LEVEL 1 vs 10 vs 20. Magmajira & Lord Snappy | Hungry Shark Evolution

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It takes 4 days to complete this content, I hope everyone likes it.

All Shark Level 1 & All Shark Level 10 & All Shark Level 20 Size Comparison.
Including Magmajira, Lord Snappy, and Darkhammer.

All Sharks:
Reef Shark
Mako Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Tiger Shark
Great White Shark
Big Daddy
Mr. Snappy
Moby Dick
Lord Snappy

Music: In-Game Music

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  1. No such thing as level 20 in the thumbnail but a level 10 magmajira is basically a level 20 sharkjira

    Edit:well no there I’d such thing when I got lvl10 magma

  2. Thumbnail be like: Don’t you ever talk to me and my son ever again

  3. Hungry shark ruined there game what did they do 🙁

  4. Godzilla shark: Bullys baby godzilla shark.
    Baby Godzilla shark: He bully me
    Burning Godzilla Shark: get lost boy
    Godzilla shark:Sorry Sir
    Godzilla shark:Oh no iam dead now

  5. Sharkjira is freaking huge when he is at maxed level. Seriously him at level 20 makes regular sharkjira look like a joke.

  6. Bro how did you reach level 20 using magma jira? I literally can't reach the max level with nagmajira no matter how much fish and sharks he eats I have played the game countless times using magma jira but he still won't level up.

  7. Эх раньше кракен у меня был а теперь после того когда случайно удалил игру у меня его не стало

  8. Poeng Iv Sea ពឹង អ៉ីវ សៀ says:

    Is it just me or the sharks are the same size in the video?

  9. Haha like you got the first hungry shark the dark hammer I got dark hammer it can eat jelly fish and great white shark

  10. I remember playing this game on it's first release

  11. BadlandsChugsNiggerNiggaMattDickHeadDickie says:

    How you make hammerhead shark level 20 pls reply

  12. BadlandsChugsNiggerNiggaMattDickHeadDickie says:

    How you get level 20 sharkjira please tell me 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  13. Ese es un tonto juego prefiero Hungrí shark

  14. The reef baby is so freakin small I can barley see it

  15. Le das click en llámese hackeos pero son algunas hackear son de gemas y otros de tarjeta Qué es el tiburón

  16. LoL I saw lvl1 sharkjira smile and I laugh so hard🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Edit:Sub to revx gaming!

  17. Did anybody notice at dark hammer if you put it on captions it says no when right beside the fan?

  18. hello i am shin sharkjira i am the new
    sharkaiju in hungry shark world

  19. How many subs can I get off this comment?

    Current: 58

  20. The old version literally show the size of diffrence between lvl 1 and max lvl.

    Somehow new version just look same

  21. Ngl level 20 sharkjira is litereally so big

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