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A comparison video between all sharkjira member (hungry game) and all real Godzilla (movie)
sharkjira vs Godzilla
Mecha sharkjira vs Mecha Godzilla
magmajira vs Burning Godzilla
Shin Sharkjira vs Shin sharkjira
Geogantis vs Godzilla earth


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The Sharks are back, and this time they are taking on the entire Earth! Take control of a very Hungry Shark in this action-packed aquatic adventure. Survive as long as possible by eating everything that gets in your way! Hungry Shark World opens up a brand new adventure with addictive fast-paced gameplay, console quality graphics, multiple massive levels to explore and epic enemies to chomp down! Loads of sharks to control and

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  1. Easy this not even a question sharkjira is 49ft while Godzilla is 395

  2. Sharkjira❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Shin sharkjira slams shin godzilla. Its a fact

  4. Team godzilla stomps every time 😂😂😂😂

  5. Godzilla earth is the winner but bruh how did he even turn in to godzilla earth? The dragon?

  6. My favourite Godzilla is mecha sharkjira and shin sharkjira

  7. With hax, the hungry sharks curbstomp them. Mega gold rush makes them invincible and can eat anything.

  8. For everyone who is saying sharkjira team would win just take in mind that the original earth Godzilla could kill void king ghidorah which is literally called the planet eater🗿

  9. This is probably the second comment that I've left individual to any responses that I've madeThe main reason for this comment is because many people want to bring in stuff like gold rush or mega Gold RushHonestly that sort of limits the capabilities of these hungry dragon sharks even further making them a lot weaker than if we're going off of cannon capabilitiesFirst offer regular goldbrush would not work no matter what because in order to use it on Godzilla they would have to be Godzilla size or bigger because Gold Rush only works on a creature that shark is capable of eating before using Gold Rush and even some of the smaller versions of Godzilla are several times larger And even with mega Gold Rush not only are multiple Godzilla's capable of regenerating from all the scraps left over from that mode but if we're going off of game played multiple versions of Godzilla have the ability to go completely invincible for extended periods of time some Godzilla's like Godzilla Earth even have a force field that makes them permanently invincible so long as the shield stays upAnd even then if we translate any version of Godzilla to the hungry game format mega Gold Rush likely still would not be a good optionUCD Godzilla would either be implemented as a boss or Ally character or otherwise a playable characterAs a bouncer Ally he would be completely immune to the mega Gold Rush state and it's possible that even the breath attack of the multiple charger has either would not work or otherwise only do minimal damageAnd as a playable character any version of Godzilla would be capable of also getting Gold Rush and even mega Gold RushAnd the thing is is since Godzilla would be so much bigger than every other dragon are shark in The hungry games he would only need Gold Rush to one shot every single oneNot to mention his atomic breath would probably be his special power meeting that he would have unlimited breath attacks just like sharkjira if not more so since sharkjira has to collect little crystals in some games or other creatures to build up his power Godzilla Bean Godzilla would probably just build up the energy naturally just by existingKeep in mind tell her also has a mandate nowadays that Godzilla has not allowed to eat so it's possible he would also have a passive regeneration or otherwise would not be able to starve in order to make up for the fact that he's not allowed to eatSo even buy gameplay rules and even with Godzilla being translated to hungry gameplay he would be unbeatable

  10. Keep in mind most versions of Godzilla would be able to beat this gio Geogantis anyways but I thought I'd give him credit where it's due

    Geo as I'm going to call him from this point on from what I understand is actually canonically bigger than he is in gameplay

    This is mostly because in the eclipse that he has shown which generally holds the lure of hungry dragon as well as other potentially Cannon titles which I can't confirm so I'm not going to get into that this would mean that gio's actual height would be potentially in the 30 to 40 meter range if not bigger

    I feel like going off of its introduction clippings about the size of a mountaintop after it peaks past the clouds not to mention this stuff to tell the size of the goblin in the clip due to distance but by my guess Juventus is several is bigger in that clip that he has an actual gameplay

    The reason for this may very well be because it's easier to shrink Geo so that he fits in the mat properly and can still go most of the places the other dragons can go that would be to just expand the map without making geo look small

    On top of this and infants version of a weaker dragon I think it was baby umbra is of course capable of producing black holes

    This means that potentially though it's hard to tell due to the existence of magic in that world which could completely change everything regardless this potentially means that Geo is capable of being around and even surviving small black holes

    And on top of this while you could argue that the black hole doesn't hurt him because magic you could also argue the other way around that stuff like bombs and arrows and swords only hurt him because they are magic and he just needs magic to be defeated due to its durability level

    On top of this depending on how much gameplay actually transfers to Cannon Geo would be able to have an extreme regenerative factors long as he keeps eating at the sacrifice of having a metabolism that will kill him and make him weaker the less he destroys and consumes

    What this means is that any version of Godzilla that isn't black hole level could be defeated by Geo in spite of size difference

    However most versions of Godzilla that are oh black hole level or higher generally have either powers or sets of abilities that would allow them to still defeat Geo

    Meaning that more than half of the different versions of Godzilla could still defeat easily beat GL However the fact is that Geo would still be able to to beat some versions of Godzilla

    Keep in mind a lot of this game is based around gameplay and not actual or so it's possible I'm just taking a video game way too seriously

    Regardless I just wanted to give Geo a little bit of credit where it's due

  11. shin is just gonna evolve to get a new move to counter

  12. You can make a video named :Alan the destructor vs super godzilla

  13. Sharkjira slams, he can fly and has infinite breath and then all they need is a mega gold rush.

  14. Shin sharkjira (shin godzilla) is just actually sharkjira (godzilla) that got shot by the mecha sharkjira they just renamed it shin sharkjira meaning shin sharkjira and sharkjira are just both godzilla…

  15. I never knew that one thermo godzilla with different form

  16. Ahem just a reminder, Geogantis in the trailer is showed to be as big as a MOUNTAIN. soooo, yeah have fun dealing with that.

  17. 1.Sharkjira (15 Meters) Vs Monsterverse Godzilla (Titanus Gojira) (120 Meters (Gvk)) 2.Magmajira (Estimated = 20 Meters) Vs Thermonuclear Godzilla (119, 5 Meters) 3.Geogantis (Estimated 60-90s Meters) Vs Gojira Earth (312 Meters) 4.Shin Sharkjira (Estimated 24 Meters) Vs Shin Gojira (118 Meters) Well….

  18. You really think a Shark can beat Godzilla? Buddy Godzilla in the comics killed the Gods on Olympus thus surviving in Hell. He literally defeated the Devil (Destoroyah) who could resist Temperatures of 1.2 million Degrees Celcius and could regenerate; Godzilla could absorb Radiation and after Death he could be revived by Rodan and Mothra; he can lift Kaijus weighting 70.000 Metric Tons. Shin Sharkjira is a Joke and can only fire a Beam thus being way smaller. This Battle and Idea were a Joke

  19. Sarkjira easy,who needs a bigger shark if we got gold rush

  20. I prefer for all godzillas 😎😎😎

  21. Even if you scaled them up I still think all of the Godzilla's would win as that even though cases sharkjera has better region except for in two cases all the Godzilla's have every other stat maxed out when compared to Shakira except for possibly intelligence due to the fact that shin sharkjira has used a homemade fishing pole however out of this entire group I say that if all of this monsters were put in the ring all at once only Godzilla Earth (and possibly shin Godzilla due to the fact that he only needs a dorsal plate left in order to regenerate) would be the only two able to make it out alive all of which sad for me to say because I really enjoy sharkjira but there's not many ways that sharkjira would make it out on top unless if you put the most powerful version of him up against the weakest version of Godzilla


  23. Godzilla Earth would destroy them all at once

  24. Godzilla is about 120 meters, for the fight to be fair the sharkjiras would have to measure close to that or the same. I still liked the comparison dude.

  25. Sharkjira(all)15 meters tall
    Shin godzilla 118meters
    Godzilla earth 300meters
    Burning godzilla 120meters
    Godzilla's wins

  26. Nice compare, but real is real real Godzilla's win

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