Hungry Shark Movie & Trailer
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All Strongest Sharks Trailer & Movie Compilation (2015 – 2023) | Hungry Shark – Gaia Update 4k

All videos are upscaled from original size to 4k and the quality is true 4k.
For 1 minute video to upscaled to 4K resolution it can take 1 – 2 hours.

Original video with 4K quality without being edited at all.
If some videos have no sound because from the original source there is no sound.
NOTHING edited, NOTHING changed, NOTHING added

– Not a made-up fake trailer (Original from source)
– Original music & audio (Not swapped with other music)
– No mindless boring gameplay in movie & trailer

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  1. Ohhh I want the old cosmic hungry shark evolution portal, the new one is shitt

  2. Pls how much baby to unlock gaia im 16 baby

  3. Game: Dunkleosteus is bigger than The Meg
    Real life: The Meg be like:

  4. Can you please add new sharks and bring back the old events please I really wanted veteran, legendary great whites they are really special and so cool I just wanted to test it out so please bring it back 😁

  5. dunkleosteus was no bigger and stronger than megalodon

  6. I'm not a fan of hungry shark evolution because some of the sharks in there just look like fish . I prefer the hungry shark world because the shark looks nice and the sharks are overpowered which is good

  7. 9:45 how do you only play for 2 minutes and already have 246,124 gems and 2,644,622 coins like I know that their the creators but like HOW?!?!?!

  8. Maybe UBISOFT need onother game maybe they should call it HUNGRY SHARK UNIVERSE

  9. me waiting hungry shark universe and hungry shark world collab

  10. Wow can u tell me the years u made those trailers

  11. 0:38 that does NOT sound right. No one is safe from big daddy? That sounds like a trauma child thing

  12. Can somebody explain me what for fishes, birds and other animals exist in which World (Hungry shark world)? In the App you cant see it. Is there a Website about the biological aspect of the game?

  13. that what i called sharkzilla but kinda looks like godzilla

  14. Can you guys please be able to stack up the Pearl's in extinction mode? It used to stack and now you only get the max it says

  15. Okay just to clear things up irl kinda well in the past the megalodon is the most powerful sea creature ever just a fact

  16. Hi guys,
    You can find more Videos of Hungry Shark world and evolution, hungry dragon, and more Video games 🎮
    Follow me now

  17. Hungry shark evoulution isnot available in my country 🙁

  18. Luminite was once the strongest but it sucks bro does it have to do that animation every time its gonna boost?

  19. Please update hungry shark 🦈 world in Multiplayer?

  20. Hungry shark multiverse

  21. 7/10 hungry sharks is not really my type
    I’m not being rude but I don’t play it that much

  22. Hola encanta tu video muchísimo soy tu fan

  23. Szia szerinted mi lehet a gond a hungry sharkommal nem tölt be semmi áron angolul is írhatsz csak kérlek segíts tudok angolul kérlek

  24. Hey why my hungry shark world doesn't have a new shark

  25. เสียงเหมือนทะเลเลย

  26. Maybe this is hungry shark world and hungry shark Evolution

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