ALPHA ZOMBIE Shark! 🧟🦈 | Hungry Shark World #shorts -

ALPHA ZOMBIE Shark! 🧟🦈 | Hungry Shark World #shorts

Primal Rex
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To be allowed to unlock and purchase this shark you first need a XXL shark, to obtain this shark you need to purchase him with 5,000 Pearls (or with deals, 2000 Pearls (WOW!)). Like other Apex and !! sharks, it can equip 3 pets, break purple crystals, and have an 8X multiplier during Gold Rush. An interesting design is that it loses flesh when it loses health, which is unique to this shark in that no other shark has changes to its animations and design during loss of health. It can work as a warning when health is low.

Like the Zombie Shark, eating enemy sharks causes them to become pets and turn into zombies but unlike Zombie Shark they last until you die or if you press the Alpha’s special ability. The Alpha’s special ability is to consume all your zombie sharks and from it, shoot a barrage of purple orbs in all directions that also heal you for each creature killed by it, similar to the Meltdown Shark. It can eat everything except Red Jellyfish, King Jellyfish, Proximity Mines, Mega Mines, and Ultra mines, but the orbs and the explosion will kill everything.

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