Another Hungry Shark Evolution Glitch -

Another Hungry Shark Evolution Glitch

Joey O.
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  1. There is a expesific boat that just YEETS the kraken into the sky

  2. That happened to me when I was playing with the abyysaurus I got fling by a cage

  3. I hate that glitch, but once it saved me from the pyro shark (I was using darkhammer)

  4. You are 100% get hit by wrecking ball cage and fly to a strange place

  5. ผมก็เคยเจอ

  6. That happended to me when i was about to eat the Cage It Yeeted Me In the air then landed at a black void.. UbiSoft Remove this would ya?

  7. los tiburones salieron de la matrix

  8. Admit it….
    You've been Yeeted by a nearby Cage

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