Big Momma Unlocked - Hungry Shark World -

Big Momma Unlocked – Hungry Shark World

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New shark Big Momma Unlocked in mobile games Hungry Shark World on Android.

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  1. i remember having big momma 2 years ago i tried logging back in but it wont :/

  2. I remember how bright each shark was, I miss that

  3. LuminiteShark5.8&MechaSharkjira8.3&ShinSharkjiraV9 says:

    i both the big momma and cost you 450.000 coins and 450 gems

  4. Im waiting for this thing all day but it never 170 diamond😒😒😒

  5. Good russshh!! Time shark to eat fish and more!! 6:27.

  6. Just realized there are no big daddy in hungry shark world but we hafe a female equevelant(i dont know if i spelled that long i dont have auto correct)
    And we have no big momma in hungry shark evolution

  7. Which one is better big momma or the killer whale?

  8. Everytime I see a mobile game and watch a gameplay, they are totally crazy, insane fast everytime

  9. Me no have big momma only megalodon ;-;

  10. By the way,Basking Shark and Big Momma can fly (or lots of sharks can fly)

  11. imagine every hungry shark world/evolution youtuber always puts on some pets and jetpack and stuffs but then the devolepers just go with nothing lol

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