Dark Magic Shark got 2 billion score in 10 minutes - Hungry Shark World - hungryshark.net

Dark Magic Shark got 2 billion score in 10 minutes – Hungry Shark World

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  1. i can tell its fake dont try this hack just play take your time and enjoy the game

  2. What do you need to to do all this crazy stuff?what costumes what pets

  3. This game is hacked get exposed idiot gamer

  4. Like 1 gem= 1000 gem in his game like that impossible

  5. The gamer fool is a better name for this channel and I will not care for any fools trying to make me think what they think it’s real(I am not talking about gaming beaver he is sooo good i am talking about gamer)

  6. Cheaters are more noobs than noobs and you are a cheater

  7. This is by far still the best shark in the game 🙏

  8. I have this record with shin Sharkgira in 7 Minutes

  9. I think this is fake and it’s a mod and he has no health drain strange….

  10. Cheating is a sin in bible and lying is a sin in bible

  11. :Me: whole sh*t he got 3mil coins in 1 minute.
    :him: it was really easy…

  12. This is a bug, but i dont know what to do to do it.

  13. it is impossible to get 1 billon score without power ups

  14. I play south china sea with meltdown shark but in need dark magic shark

  15. I was an idiot to think that this was real

  16. WOOOOOWWW!!! NICE JOB!!!!! But my sharks don’t act like that


  18. 454 QuinVigintilion is my high score I did that for like 20 minutes

  19. Me: it is soo easy him: Aidan nice job a lot better than me I wish it was like vigintillions.

  20. Kinda sad that you need cheats. I wish one gem fish was 1000 gems and gold rushes were this good.😂

  21. Its funny that this guy only hearts the people who say nice stuff about him

  22. Well my best is 1,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000!

  23. I broke this record tho with dark may shark I got 2billon

  24. Stop using hacks his score Is 2😂 mine 32.000.000 with dark magic shark btw

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