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Feeding Frenzy custom level : Hungry Shark World !

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Level and video by jin30672 , and robo shark by me.


  1. Wy is moby dick smaller than megalodon moby dick is not a livyatan bro

  2. It reminds me of the spongebob episode where the worms were like sTiLl HuNgRy

  3. Mennnn why compare hungry shark to the legend game it self

  4. It’s weird that three of my favourite games (plants vs zombies, hungry shark and feeding frenzy) were featured in this video

  5. There are 10 species of playable fish in feeding Frenzy 1 and 2, of them:

    1). Boris
    Species: Black wedge Butterflyfish
    Length: 20 cm.

    2). Andy
    Species: blue ringed angelfish
    Length: 30 cm

    3). Leon
    Species: red lionfish
    Length: 47 cm.

    4). Layla
    Species: Queen Trigger fish
    Length: 60 cm

    5). Eddie (in feeding Frenzy 2 called Edie)
    Species: Triple Wart Sea Devil
    Length: 60 cm.

    6). Peter
    Species: African Pompano
    Length: 63 cm.

    7). J.D.
    Species: John Dory
    Length: 65 cm.

    8). Harry
    Species: Hump Head (Napoleon) Wrasse
    Length: 2,2 meters.

    9). Goliath
    Species: Great White Shark
    Length: 6,4 meters.

    10). Orville
    Species: Killer whale (orca)
    Length: 8 meters.

  6. Siapa yang sudah main game feeding franzy. Like ya

  7. Fishes in the video:

    1). Oceanic White Tip Shark
    2). Blue Shark
    3). Robot Shark
    4). Tiger Shark
    5). Mako Shark
    6). Frozen Shark
    7). Basking Shark
    8). Great White Shark
    9). Whale Shark
    10). Orca
    11). Radioactive Shark
    12). White Sperm Whale
    13). Prehistoric Mega Shark
    14). Prehistoric Marine Lizard?

  8. Game: Feeding Frenzy
    Custom Level: Hungry Shark World/Evolution
    Music: Plants vs Zombies 2 Big Wave Beach Ultimate Battle.

    Me: Wait! It's Illegal!

  9. Wait this is hungry shark world and feeding frenzy? But the level has a music from pvz 2 wich is the music from big wave beach and the death music from lost city but the level was called frostbote caves. And there is so many kinds of predators can you even eat all those sharks? And whale shark is supposed to be the largest shark, why is megalodon bigger than him? This makes no sense and why does the level shows that your using the killer whale but your using mr. Snappy mossasaurus and there is moby dick predator from hungry shark evolution and NOT from hungry shark world. Yes i know mr. Snappy was on hungry shark world too but they used the hungry shark evolution mr. Snappy design and the title says hungry shark world. This is the most confusing thing i've ever watched

  10. มันคือมอตป่าวนี้?🤔

  11. breaking news:
    a guy play feeding frenzy in hungry shark world and evolution with PvZ soundtrack

  12. Fun fact : Popcap also made feeding frenzy Popcap made so much money there were enough to make PvZ also insanaqurium helped as well

  13. Hungru china just like stupid in malaysia stupid is bodoh

  14. Game feeding frenzy, mod hungry shark world, music, plant vs zombies 2

  15. _𝕄𝕤 ℂ𝕙𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕔𝕖🍹_ says:

    :v XD :B :G :^V :W :% :L

  16. Not only are there sharks from hungry shark world but some are from hungry shark evo

  17. Game : Hungry Shark
    Backround Music : Plants Vs Zombies 2 wtf

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