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Feeding Frenzy custom level : Hungry Shark World !

deep The
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Level and video by jin30672 , and robo shark by me.


  1. This mod is sooooo badly made:
    -first, the asthetic style is so fucking opposed (especially when things from the OG game pops up, like jellyfish and poison minnows) that it hurts to watch.
    -second, you deliberately ignored what made the original fun to play: challenging but fair and learnable because there's a pattern to them. The original ALWAYS stick close to three growth stages, with each "meal" giving a set amount of progress AND being fairly easy to grab due to your fish's hitbox not being broken as a student's bone during the Tianmen Massacre and that they are soundly distributed (aka, there's NEVER any more than one XBAWKHUEG big boss that clutter up the screen, and even then the most they took up were <30%. Not to mention the fact that the regular fish are nowhere NEAR as big as these fuckfaces here, usually taking up only ~10% of the screen on the last evolution stage. Oh, and this mod is clearly Chinese because you seem to have a population control problem.)
    That's all. Hope you can/HAVE learn from this.

  2. Hey , Deep Dive , can you create feeding frenzy 3D , if yes , it would be amazing and everyone is gonna like you but if not it is already good because your mods are already great,Good day.

  3. is it ff3? i think its a fake nmber 3

  4. Hello…Deep Dive dan you give me a whale shark link…

  5. Hungry shark evolution and hungry shark world

  6. so wow like I thought this actually tru lol

  7. The song you used makes sense coz:
    The plants vs zombies series and feeding frenzy series is both created by pop-cap
    You used big wave beach ultimate battle from Pvz2, this is set underwater and has lots of sharks, and the zombot battle of that world is the zombot sharktronic sub
    3. The death music is lost-city win sound from Pvz2 as well, and that world is right next to frostbite caves (even if they changed location), and guess what shark is here?, ice shark!, not only that, the next world after lost-city (according to arrangement) is far future, that world is high on technology, and guess who’s here?, robot-shark!

    i now see what you did mr.

  8. y are none of the other sharks eating each other like theyre supposed to

  9. The only normal thing here:

    The poison minnow

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