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New Update from Hungry Shark World with new special shark Francis.
In this video I want to show you how to unlock Francis in Hungry Shark World.
Francis gameplay & All Francis Abilities in Hungry Shark World.
I hope this video can give useful information about Mighty Matriarch in Hungry Shark World.

Hungry Shark World on Google Play

00:00 Intro
00:40 Ray’s Revenge Gameplay
08:44 Francis Manta Ray Unlocked
09:22 Francis Manta Ray Gameplay

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. Veo demasiado inutil esa mantaralla xd 😂

  2. When I first got all 50 babies I thought I would get francis for free.
    And then I figured out I had to buy him for 10,000 pearls 💀

  3. bro which platform do u use for playing hs world i downloaded pc version from ubisoft but its trash i need the mobile version on pc

  4. Hello, can you advise me, I am hesitating between 2 sharks, the abyssal and the matiarch. I am looking for a durable shark in extinction mode and to make big scores. Which one do you recommend?

  5. No offence but that was a really bad showcase lol

  6. The manta Ray look very cool i like it 😁👌 but i hope hungry shark world will Added a whale such as a humpback whale

  7. Francls + sharkjira = francls manta

  8. The francis unlock is kinda like saving gaia's babies but in a different way

  9. How did you get it early i got it the day after

  10. do you think it's better than the other apex?

  11. I wonder if we could play as a whale like Blue whale or Dolphin.

  12. Wow ur very pro but the only best shark I have is meltdown:(

  13. Should I buy Francis or Quantum 😢

  14. У,меня,нет,этой,кладки?

  15. How long will Francis be in the game for?

  16. Cool now i want kraken as a playable shark

  17. i like the shark designs probably they should add spinosaurus!

  18. I think FRANCIS is the most weakest APEX shark ever even Ancient Megalodon is better than this FRANCIS and his health is also very low and Mecha Godzilla has the highest health bar
    I think FRANCIS should be in !! class

  19. Saya suka hugnry shask kalian suka
    Gem ini atau tidak gem ini saya sukagem ini
    Coba komentar

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