Getting the megalodon shark in hungry shark -

Getting the megalodon shark in hungry shark

Chase Pokémon go
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  1. Awww, I remember when I was younger and spent all my b day money and collected all the sharks then got a phone and completely forgot about my tablet 😂

  2. You had to use a screen recording app on an iphone?

  3. whqt name of the phone please so my mom cqn buy ut from my bday


  5. I remember when i as playing and unlocked the megalodon and it as with 60% off so i bought it but some why it just cost me 10k coins ;-;

  6. So you played Hungry Shark World eh,NAME EVERY SHARK

  7. Desbloquea al tibrujon tira un laser si devoras 12 peces

  8. A y una cosa yo no tengo
    Ese tiburon

  9. Я тоже
    Купил мегладона

  10. Hungry shark world might not be easy for some people but for me. iTS EZZ i got like Great white after 23 hours and i Started before 23 hours! YAW

  11. Светлана Троеглазова says:

    I like megalodon

    L SHARK 👎👎💩

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