GHOST SHARK unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution -

GHOST SHARK unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution

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This is the Ghost Shark that unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution game.


  1. The better choice is werewolf shark🤔

  2. So it's invincible until the gold rush or ghoul rush where you basically try to eat before you die because it drains fast…Seems fair

  3. First one to comment for my first time in my life

  4. Happy game super hungry 🦈 is sweet dreams super this fish

  5. Yes now I don’t have to eat and eat and I can not die

  6. I just knew that Ghost sharks are good for fighting crab boss

  7. should I get ghost shark or robo shark, idk which is better

  8. I like this shark i killed more than 4 behemoth and luminate

  9. 0:33 I thought the description said “passes through walls”

  10. It's the best shark…

    It never get pain…wow
    Other sharks bite won't affect
    It is immune from fire..etc…wow
    And it can pass through walls..
    This sharks HP never gets low..
    It can jump so high

    Ohh damn it's the best shark🙂🌛

  11. Don’t worry the is wild and tear and eat the human

  12. Tbh this shark is garbage cuz like if you get gold rush it like hurts you. Ik it makes sense, cuz if this shark dosent take damage in gold rush it would be way too op

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