Great White Message in a Bottle | Let's Play Hungry Shark World | PS4 Pro Console Gameplay (P+J) -

Great White Message in a Bottle | Let’s Play Hungry Shark World | PS4 Pro Console Gameplay (P+J)

Praetorian HiJynx
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Join Praetorian & Jynx in their playthrough of Hungry Shark World on the PS4 Pro!

In episode 11 we play as the Whale Shark, finding his message in a bottle and defeating the Super Sub. This unlocks the Great White Shark, thus we play as him and find both the next map and his message in a bottle.

You can purchase the game in the Playstation store

It’s also available on Xbox One, PC, Android, and iOS

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  1. Gee guys, I really feel your pain. Hate having to sift through ALL OF THOSE FREE GAME CODES. Worst part of my weekend, tbh. Just the worst. Kidding.
    Which upcoming games are you guys looking forward to/can we expect? I haven't been keeping up on the new stuff aside from Cyberpunk. Also, welcome back Jynx, even though I heard you in Insomnia yesterday so for me it feels like you haven't been gone at all.

  2. Yo I didn't think you guys were ever going to play this game anymore, glad to see it back if only for a short time. You guys rock keep it up!!

  3. Something did happen but the stupid recycler Canon interrupted

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