How to earn gems in Hungry Shark World -

How to earn gems in Hungry Shark World

The Mick S
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In this video i will show you what is the most efficient way to earn gems in Hungry Shark World in my opinion you can choose two map to earn gems
Hungry shark
Arctic Pacific or Apocalypse and Wasteland i think is the easier map, you can earn more gems and pearls on Arctic Apocalypse but is pretty hard and i always dies on the end, its much hard, i must pay gems or watch ad to survive.
In map Pacific Wasteland you can, will earn at least about 100 gems and on map Arctic Apocalypse at least 140 gems depending what shark you have.
i will add another video soon, where i play on the Arctic map. See soon. Thanks

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  1. Hello hello ? again everyone now i show you how to collect fast gems in game 👍❤🥰

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