How to hack Hungry Shark Evolution easily, Get unlimited coins and gems -

How to hack Hungry Shark Evolution easily, Get unlimited coins and gems

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➤ In this video I showed you, How to Hack Hungry Shark Evolution game easily, By applying this hack you will get unlimited coins and gems in your game.
If the Hungry Shark’s file is not showing inside the data folder on your phone, then watch this video

Download Links is here ☟
File Manager

Zip file

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Hungry Shark Evolution’s version☞ 8.0.6


  1. It didn’t work for me😥😥😥😭

  2. I accidentally deleted the zip files I repeat the procedure and downloaded it again but it could not bring those gems and coins back although it worked for the first try help!!

  3. How to search this in data I have it in obb file only 🥺

  4. Whats the point of hacking theres no fun and u can get ban and i can tell the owner to on face book so stop making these vids

  5. it doesnt work for me probably because i have a LG.

  6. Yo I'm kinda lost cause I did everything yet nothing pops up im just at 5 gems

  7. Hi i dont know if youll see this , but what do you do at the end? because nothing pops up after i selected files at the end

  8. I'm trying 1 more time than I'm gonna give up I really want ed this hack I neededbit

  9. I'm not gonna try to hack and end up getting hacked

  10. Bro I go to files and then what??? It legit will not let me click on the stuff I need to

  11. This is how you do it past here up there go left right up down and then to the side and down up left right

  12. worked you deserve as many likes as you can get…


  14. Bro stop hacking and play the game for real and don’t hack. I played the howl entire game getting every shark at max level in 3 days

  15. How do you get the file manager on your iPhone

  16. Roses ar red violets ar blue who strolling down the comments to see if its true

  17. Does this also work on an Amazon Fire tablet?

  18. I did everything correct but it still doesnt work for me… pls helppp

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