Hungry Shark 10th Anniversary All Shorts & Trailers ! -

Hungry Shark 10th Anniversary All Shorts & Trailers !

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Hungry Shark 10th Anniversary All Shorts & Trailers !
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  1. The reason why baby sharkjira is there and not papa sharkjira cause papa dead

  2. DUDE YOU HAVE BEEN MAKING 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, VIDEOS A DAY!!!!!!

  3. man that hammerhead shark who cleaned the whole beach and his equipment is just level 2 not level 3

  4. Hungry shark you should add some new sea like west philippines sea because its so bored playing the same sea again and again.

  5. please add west philipine sea because i will apprreciate it cuz i am a filipino

  6. Şř A̷ļø gäɱęr[Red el plaga y Chuck negro] says:

    I liked so much

  7. 💍The Hedgehog Enthusiast 1991💍 says:

    Sorry i was sleeping @hungry shark world

  8. You should make burning sharkjira!

  9. Glutwell corp is probably the main antagonist of hungry shark.

  10. F por nessi le toco cuidar a bebe sharkjira

  11. Baby Sharkjira: A Whale Is Crashing To The Balloon
    Whale Shark:Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  12. good show up now nessie is raising baby by sharkjira

  13. 0:03 Look at Baby Jira Covering Nessie with sand
    Nessie: Im stuck can you pls Stop
    Jira: This is fun

  14. Wish there was a hungry shark world all celebration animation video 😔

  15. Sharkjira will take revenge on mechasharkjira he will become the legendary mutant sharkjira

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