Hungry Shark Arena- Ubisoft Nano Trailer -

Hungry Shark Arena- Ubisoft Nano Trailer

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Hungry Shark Arena is the online multiplayer shark battle royale game that takes you on a vicious underwater war for supremacy.

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  1. Ubisoft – We know how to kill every single one of our franchises 🙂

  2. i play it it boring i wait so long for dat shark to die then i go to kill him but he dissappear and still say 1 mor shaark left and i wait and it become boring and i jsut kill myself and boom

  3. Alguien más extraña hungry shark heroes

  4. hey please give us rayman 4

  5. We hate ubisoft and u know just why 🙂

  6. All we want is a new ray man game and you people forgot that he existed on his anniversary so we deserve one

  7. Dude give us rayman 4 like rn.Its been 17 fucking years we didnt get it and pls stop ignore ur fans.


  8. Only ubisoft games that I play are POP: The sands of time and Hungry shark series.

  9. I played origins and legends of ray man I’m 13 now, I was 6 when I started playing the ray man franchise, please make ray man 4😢 y’all are making a beautiful franchise wither away

  10. I love hungry dragons I have played it since it was launched

  11. Когда выйдет сома игра

  12. Hey, I love this game, but some people have found a way to cheat and ruin it for people like me. I am not a hacker, so can not manipulate programs like it seems these people are doing. They are floating all over the place and impossible to kill or even interact with. They are so adept at this, it appears sometimes they are having fun antagonizing me. Not fair, they are ruining the fun for me. Some of these people have English flags on their avatar sharks and some have other flags I do not know. Someone please help, save this game for good people.

  13. Hey I just wanted to let you know that whenever I play online it is very glitchy like stop motion and sometimes it goes crazy I just wanted let you know for future updates please notice this comment

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