Hungry Shark Evolution - 3 Kempy Bass Locations -

Hungry Shark Evolution – 3 Kempy Bass Locations

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  1. TIP: dont eat all the fish when you are going into a cave

  2. Nessie 5 kempy guide

    1 – bottom right by portrait treasure (#2 in vid) spawns about 1:20
    2 – king crab room ( #1 in vid) spawns at 2/3 mins or 3 crab
    3 – end of death tunnel. Normally towards the end, just after the last jets of fire, will be stuck on the wall. ( Between death tunnel and sharwaii portal)
    4 – at 7-10 mins, one will spawn around the Arctic portal ( #3 in vid). Typically shows up when other fish respawn around 10 mins
    5 – all the way to the left, there is an area of open water before the rocks to the left, and the daily chest to the right. Will spawn anywhere between, only spawns at 7-10 mins + and if you ate the bass on lower right side.
    6 – inside Arctic portal. It's random and anywhere inside each time.
    7 – 7-10+ mins, in the middle of the map, flying towards the top of the screen. Again random distance from center, but shows at high times.
    8 – Northwest of sharkwaii southern portal. Where the 5/6 special sharks spawn, between the mines and the portal. Random at high survive times.

    Best bet to get easily?

    Cave with pic
    Death tunnel
    King crab cave
    Arctic portal ( outside / water )

    Arctic portal ( inside ) or in the air, at 10+ mins

    Took two tries to find em all, real easy once you know where

  3. Missed this game so muchh like its been 5 years

  4. the 3rd Kempy bass location is rare when you get to a very late game he may spawn there

  5. Idk why, but my younger brother named him Garry. Lmao

  6. Kempy shows up
    In his house
    The kempy also shows up with gold Rush
    In random places more often the bigger your monster
    Godzilla he shows up most

  7. Kempy is very funny!!!I imagine he is one of the guys that made this game…!!!

  8. I look in the crab lair and ate 3 big cards didn’t see it kill the crab boss saw it

  9. I also found but when I saw it I think that can be game problem

  10. Me and my friend used to call kempy bass. King-fi bass pretty weird right?

  11. kempy bass can speak but he is also eaten by all sharks


  13. Lol i remembered when i wqs discovered this without youtube or google, i was confused with my cousin

  14. The waird fish looks creepy it has a big mouth like a villager

  15. I new he spawned in the cave, and rarely the main area, but this surprised me

  16. I think there's 4. I found one at the Ferris wheel. It was by the shore.
    Edit: I found a fifth one left of the island by the crab dungeon.

  17. the kempy bass is sooo looking wierd and creepy it's like a human fish🧍🐟

  18. I found it 3 times all the times it was in the place after the reef shark spawn place (go through the right side tunnel with the bomb danger sign to find)

  19. In hungry shark 2 it has a tombstone with a picture of it saying rip the kemfy bass or something, seems like a easteregg or something

  20. Alpha06 YT #nopedo #destroyfoodists #saveukraine says:

    I have find 2 of this

  21. when i was five i have the meg and all my cousin that played this was jealous

  22. I already saw three kempy basses and I didn’t care, I just gobbled them up as GW shark. XD

  23. I am find the new shark i dont know how it named is it

  24. Found this fish on a common place lol, pretty unusual to find him in open spaces

  25. When I saw that this video was 7 yr’s old my jaw dropped

  26. The kempy bass sounds creppy but i like it!

  27. I found him in that huge current that runs underneath a large chunk of the map

  28. I didn’t know the Kempy bass had glasses

  29. This was super helpful😃😃😃❤❤❤❤

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