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Hungry Shark evolution 3 #shorts

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The hungriest game of them all is back to rule the oceans! Dive into a beautiful 3D aquatic adventure! Experience life as a shark chowing down on fantastic sea creatures, from the bottom of the shark food chain to massive predators that defy extinction!
Hungry Shark Evolution is the 5th installment of the Hungry Shark series released on the 18th of October, 2012, created by Future Games of London (FGOL). It introduces new sharks and creatures to the Hungry Shark Series as well as missions, objects and a ton of other content. It currently receives regular updates as of 2022, and remains one of the most popular and most played games of the Hungry Shark series.

Hungry Shark Evolution is among the few free games in the Hungry Shark series so far. It is succeeded by Hungry Shark World, but it still is being constantly updated by FGOL alongside its successor.
The game was released in 18 October 2012 by Future Games Of London (FGOL for short). It was followed by a lot of updates and installs with a slightly faster pace than Hungry Shark World. At first, Hungry Shark Evolution did not have any accessories or babies. Just five sharks up to the Great White. Before long, things were added & Megalodon, Big Daddy and Mr. Snappy were added to the game. For Special Sharks, the first three were released (Electro Shark, Ice Shark and Robo Shark). Alan, Destroyer of Worlds was added to the game in version 3.7.0 along with a new map, new accessories such as the Cloaking Device & new pets such as Alan Junior.
A little while after Alan, Destroyer of Worlds was added to the game, the Pyro Shark was added in Version 4.5.0. He was a powerful special shark & was considered the best shark at that time. The fifth Special Shark was then added, being Natasha the Narwhal. As time went by, FGOL released more and more sharks and creatures to the game, usually with ideas coming beforehand. Then, Moby Dick was released.
Leo was released alongside the Ghost Shark, which is another Special Shark. More sharks were then released up to the Luminite. Two more Special Sharks were also added, with them being Sharkeleon & Wereshark. Many items, objects and babies were constantly added to the game, which so far has almost twice as many versions as Hungry Shark World. They revamped the game some time after the Abysshark was added to the game. They made it like a different one, with different looks, slightly different access to all features etc. It has slightly more cartoonish looks, like Hungry Shark World. Eventually they added the Kraken, Luminite, evolved sharks, the Behemoth, Sharknarok and probably more sharks are waiting to be added in the game and unlocked in the (near or distant) future.
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