Hungry Shark Evolution - Abysshark Reveal! -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Abysshark Reveal!

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Come closer… A bit closer…. GOTCHA!
Attract your prey from every corner of the map with Abysshark’s hoover mouth – this shark really sucks! 🤯🤯

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  1. Please ubisoft the new update please bigger map🙏🙏

  2. That shark kind of looks like the demagogue and Mosris

  3. Fish:good food
    Fish:help my friends
    Abisshark:hahaha i'm eat you
    Fish:no no no

  4. This is like stranger things but the demogorogon is a fish

  5. I have all the sharks and I love the game😁👍

  6. I hate that all the coolest sharks go to the older, worst version

  7. The shark that came from the abbys can't even beat a kraken that is slightly bigger

  8. Why is the mulf look like its from stanger things

  9. the demogorgon has nothing o this shark

  10. Abyss Shark lives along with the Megalodon

  11. I got the Luminate strongest shark only in 1 day. I pay the game

  12. I have kraken and that guy not lumi yet bc these sharks are JAWSOME


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  14. Got All Sharks from reef to Luminite sharks in just 3 months and really enjoy the game

  15. This is alien currency from titan moon also is this the demigod from st

  16. Shark idea: sharkfield smae cloverfield movie

  17. Hungery shark sense I’m your best fan can you please let me get the shark

  18. i unlock higher and quicker sharks where so cool

  19. the game starts stay out of bigger sharks

  20. Did anybody realize this shark looks like Alan?
    I think Alan died in hsw then became this thing

  21. Um when i using abysshark i got teleported into black spot idk where is it no fish in there only black

  22. Who felt bad for that deep sea creature that was eaten by the abyssshark

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