Hungry Shark Evolution ALL SPECIAL SHARKS gameplay -

Hungry Shark Evolution ALL SPECIAL SHARKS gameplay

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Hungry Shark Evolution all sharks gameplay including all 8 special sharks in the newest update of Hungry Shark Evolution game.

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  1. I only own is the electro but i really like pyro shark its has 350 hp

  2. is so cool video all special sharks so powerful and so cool electricl shark,ice shark,Robot shark, PYRO shark, natasha the narwhal, ghosts shark, all all of them is so cool sharks in word 😎👍♥️😁

  3. I didn’t knew you could destroy the moon

  4. Em có thích tất cả cá ở dưới

  5. Invítame por me invitó mi dinero quiero con ese tiburón

  6. I wish they added a feature where you can replay missions over and over to make coins. I literally am struggling to get the 50,000 I need for the Megaladon. ☠

  7. The eight sharks with special abilities in Hungry Shark Evolution game. What's your favorite special shark?

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😎😎🔥🎉🎉🙏👍 deeh to start download

  9. With the first shark.. how do you get so many “moon/gold rushes” so quickly? Seems like giant chunks were filled very quickly… I am only on the fish after the Megaladon so maybe it happens at higher levels? Someone plz let me know?

    Edit: as a matter of fact, all these sharks get fast gold rush cool downs and have very slow life drain… what’s the deal?

  10. I buy electric shark then a ice shark then a robo shark

  11. I have a lot of coins and gems my gems is 155

  12. Natasha cant control the powerr 😭😂😂😂

  13. after the narwhal the style of the shark models just changed

  14. Лепка Годзилла против конга says:

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  15. Can you give tips on how to level up faster bc I’m trying to get Nessie

  16. I just found out that Mr. Snappy, Robo shark, natasha & Megalodon was very-very dangerous.

  17. It would be cool if the game made an update to breed to make hybrid sharks

  18. My favourite special shark is sharkeleon because he can steal the shark power and he can copy the shark colour

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