Hungry Shark Evolution - Big Daddy vs Megalodon -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Big Daddy vs Megalodon

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  1. I found a place where there is always Mr snappy and big daddy

    every time I play they are there

  2. Gerardo

    ghf y grfidje8fuebfifteifhgkfyfmc
    gnfigx oye
    fu fnfkjtjf

  3. 540 000 coins fuck you bitch!!!!!

  4. заходите на мой канал и статуи лайки и подписивайтьсь на мой канал

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  6. has anybody been on gold rush and killed the big daddy with a tiger shark? i always laugh and yell at my friend I JUST KILLED A DUNKLEOTEUS WITH TIGER SHARK

  7. to bad you don't have any likes ha ha ha ha ha

  8. this video sucks you didn't even play the megalodon! UGH

  9. Gyus let me tell you somten the gyus ho make
    hungry shark they hate megalodon big daddy is just bigger than a great white

  10. l will tell you the secret map first you have to look down in the map then there's a pipe keep on going then you will go zigzag up then you will see Mr.snappy and big daddy thanks

  11. I rate big daddy with a gamer shark in gold rush

  12. did anyone else notice that in all this commotion he sometimes stuck his tounge out to eat

  13. Can you lend me some coins? You Have so much!!!

  14. PPPPPFFFFFFFF….MEGALODON IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! Big Daddy IS SO UGLY 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  15. For the games logic dunkelosteos wins
    A real life fight is debatable

  16. Did you guys no that big daddy is actually smaller than the megalodon because the dunclustious is 6metres

  17. Die Challenger hättest du ohne Laser, ohne Raketenboost, etc. machen sollen. Finde es allgemein unrealistisch und beknackt

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