Hungry Shark Evolution | Enjoy the Green Game Jam with our new update! -

Hungry Shark Evolution | Enjoy the Green Game Jam with our new update!

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Hungry Shark Evolution has been invaded by trash monsters!

It is up to us to fix this catastrophe of oceanic dimensions.

Clean up the Ocean in this Green Game Jam update! Available now!

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  1. Man, i miss when this game was realist.

  2. I got to 16 minutes to dis I think this gonna take half a hour

  3. I haven't played hungry shark for 20 years I play it does and I got sharkjira

  4. But I want a knew shark named mechanic niesse

  5. Knew sharks that I think coming is a puffer shark a sharish

  6. Title after ten years of puffer fish living they got turned into puffer sharks

  7. It has a power its just a spike spin for ksnd

  8. And long title A knew thing has arrived in the seas and we don't know how but its a PUFFER SHARK

  9. What it can eat
    everything but not sharks and puffers but it can eat online sharks

  10. Can go on land and water
    People and sharkjira

  11. The soda land is broken stuck at 94% check everywhere didn't find trash.

  12. Next new map hungry shark evoletion

  13. Hi, I really like the new update, finally something realistic and not godzilla's evolutions. This is at least related to shark week. I hope that such updates will continue, and remember to sort and recycle rubbish guys 🥰🦈

  14. There is not a single piece of garbage in any sea, but it stopped at 98% and crashed.

  15. I unlock! Shark jira with jems I asking my brother he said yes and I buy it and thank you making update

  16. Wow me there game
    Hungry shark EVO
    Hungry shark World
    Hungry dragon

  17. Wow new update on septepber 15 what the latest version that

  18. i easyly get the manta even i m new becuze its easy to do 100% all the mission lmao

  19. New shark kathulu hehe😁

  20. Pensé que sacarían las nuevas evoluciones.

  21. What do you think about cheater, are you gonna angry with that?🤔

    I'm sorry for the question by the way🙏

  22. la verdad se me hace una muy buena implementación 10 de 10 👌👌👌

  23. Shark (not really) Idea:

    Name: Leopard Seal
    Appearance: Leopard Seal
    Size: 3-4 Meters (you can expand the size if you want).
    Color: Dark Grey mostly but a White stomach.
    Can be equipped with a baby Leopard Seal.

    I would appreciate this, and I feel like so many more would!

  24. Can you make a new update that you can make our own new shark that will be my dream game

  25. today the sharks took their vacuum cleaners to pick up the garbage that is under the sea

  26. New Shark in hungry Shark evolution please

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