Hungry Shark Evolution | Enjoy the Green Game Jam with our new update! -

Hungry Shark Evolution | Enjoy the Green Game Jam with our new update!

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Hungry Shark Evolution has been invaded by trash monsters!

It is up to us to fix this catastrophe of oceanic dimensions.

Clean up the Ocean in this Green Game Jam update! Available now!

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  1. When will you add the Ukrainian language to the game?

  2. Am I the only one here who still has a crystal clear ocean???

  3. When is a hungry dragon collaboration coming out and an anime about dragons will look epic

  4. What a reason but why is not expecting the new map and didn't make up.

  5. Por favor por lo que más quieran nunca saquen un pase en este grandioso juego o se arruinará 🙏

  6. New Shark idea:
    Bosip, the golden shark
    Ability: Gold rush, when a gold rush is activated without activating his ability (Gold Rush of any shark) and then activate his "Gold Rush" ability then you receive 2x as much gold

  7. What is this not good update WE WANT EVOLVED SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Shark idea :

    Mutant Sarcosuchus
    Hungry shark evo
    Length : 20 m
    Can eat : sharkjira,abbyshark, kraken and other

  9. Next: evolve the kraken, Nessie and Leo shark

  10. Please Ubisoft where's the trash shark and sea vacuum

  11. idont see the things in trailer in the update

  12. ดาวเรือง หินอ่อน says:

    i want a new shark

  13. Like hungry shark world
    Time to clean the ocean

  14. HSEs way of saying happy Halloween and pretending to be like those weird charities that beg people to pick up bottles anyway is the colossal squid coming back as a Christmas event again in hungry shark world??

  15. When comes
    Still nothing come

  16. Лучше б акулам эволюции сделали…

  17. Why doesn't it appear on my game? Please answer

  18. ajajajajajajajaja 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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