Hungry Shark Evolution Game Theme - Theme Song - Game Music HQ -

Hungry Shark Evolution Game Theme – Theme Song – Game Music HQ

David Chunco
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Hungry Shark Evolution Game Music HQ – Game Theme – Theme Song – Game Music HQ

Gold Rush Theme Here:
Download MP3 (320 kbps – HQ) here:

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  1. Who else remembers those good ol' days with Reef Shark and Retro Baby 😔

  2. when me and my sister trying to get megalodon since we're very young (and then dad removes the game from his phone)

  3. Amo este juego 😍 lástima que ya no lo puedo descargar en la ta Let de la SEP 😅 que lo jugaba hace como 6 años

  4. remember when sharks had realistic models instead of hungry shark world like models?

  5. remember when ever the megadolon used to be rock and you needed to work hard to get it

  6. I miss the old esthetic for secret lab were it was a actual lab instead of just the ocean befor it was like they were bio engendered and put in the ocen now it just seems like there the same as the hamer heads and megaphone but at a different spot also why tf isn't abys shark a secret lab shark but a normal shark and one other sharks bio literally says he's bio engendered yet he isn't 8n the lab

  7. this is the song you hear when a shark is swimming at you and its at the max lvl in real life LOL

  8. 0:020:33 does anyone think that this part is cool?
    Also this theme song brings me nostalgia so much

  9. Stfu me and the boys are listening to hungry shark evolution theme

  10. me: this is awesome

    nobody: this-is-terrible

  11. I miss when megalodon and big daddy were the strongest sharks

  12. KE buena rola recuerdo de infancia desbloqueada 😎🤙

  13. It sounds so good in my broken sound phone,it just feels more epic than it already is on like 16 bits

  14. Listening to this track just brings back memories, ah, how I miss destroying everything with Megalodon


  16. who the hell are the 224 people who disliked this epic masterpeice

  17. Shut up Hungry Shark Evolution Game Theme – Theme Song – Game Music HQ Is Playing.

  18. I just realise Sakurai stole this game logo for ssbu lmao

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