Hungry Shark Evolution - How To Kill Giant Crabs -

Hungry Shark Evolution – How To Kill Giant Crabs

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  1. I swear im not joking, but I killed the black crab and usually it gives you 3 gems and a thousand coins but it gave me 4 gems and 7 thousand coins.It also said something about a mega meal so yeah idk I was using Big daddy with the crab fork but when I tried it again I got the normal amount so I don’t know what happened

  2. How do u get the green thing do u wait

  3. cool, so do I have to kill three of these to get the kempy fish?

  4. how do you kill this giant crab? i try to add 2 boost and whatsoever. Even they say to press the boots. but it's still the same. im using megalodon shark btw

  5. The annoying thing is that the crab does not attack that much and there is not much food in the Crab Liar and you will mostly die of starvation

  6. I just beaten the Giant black crab today with tiger shark
    Edit: also


  7. Easy Use all known sharks or use Special sharks

  8. I defeated the first giant crab with a hammerhead but I can’t do the next one.

  9. I don’t even know the giant crab can be killed

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