Hungry Shark Evolution - Laser -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Laser

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  1. Thanks to the video I don't have to waste gold 😂😂😂

  2. Although the laser's sound is pretty annoying and loud, it looks cool so I'll buy it! I currently have 25000 coins so I'm predicting it'll take me two more days to get that $75000 laser. Also does laser work food with shark vortex?

  3. It seems the Stun Laser shoots in random directions ( kind of distracting ). Someone says use it with the Vortex. Also the Vortex works with Jetpack for Snappy the mosasaurus. Not sure if you can do all 3 together or if you get the even better effects with other sharks like megalodon ??

  4. Does it also multiply by 2 if you have a gold rush? E.g. you get X80 multiplier and if you eat something that gets hit by the laser, do you get X160?

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