Hungry Shark Evolution | Luminite full reveal, the Community Shark -

Hungry Shark Evolution | Luminite full reveal, the Community Shark

Hungry Shark
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No more teasing! Introducing the first Shark FULLY designed by our community 🦈

Luminite is the best gift we could receive for these 10 years of Hungry Games, you are all JAWESOME 💙

Original Shark concept by Jose De la Torre
Play now as Luminite –

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  1. Hey can y'all do another fan-made contest

  2. I remember when the tiger shark was best shark I’m a double og

  3. I can see why it's called Luminite, considering it means "Light" in Romanian.

  4. Recordando el tráiler de uno de los mejores tiburónes 🤑😎

  5. Instead episode Should make Movie
    HSE / HSW

  6. Umm excuse me this has 666,666 views 😲

  7. Pls add more power full sharks like robot

  8. This shark is droped by Moon Lord



  10. I don't like luminite cus he has delay with boost

  11. Is nobody going to point out how we finally have another shark?

  12. Luminite from subnautica is here
    (Well his design is like a sea monster from subnautica)

  13. Some facts about Luminite in this AU I made.
    His species name is "Titanus Narraclyus ( idk how to spell it )"
    Was hibernating during KOTM
    Titanus Behemoth ( the shark ) and luminite have some sort of rivalry. It is believed that Behemoth attacked Luminites lair.

    AU backstory
    Luminite was discovered in 1808, and dubbed as a Titan in 1980. He has only attacked 1 city in 2000, but it was a mistake. Luminites horn is able to connect to wires and blow up things, so Luminite got to close to Florida and there was a outage and a few explosions. Then in 2018, Luminite was attacked by Another Titan, Behemoth. They clashed in the Atlantic Ocean, going all the way to Georgia. When Luminite was dormant, Behemoth and Titanus Sharkjira were clashing in India. Luminite decided to join the fight on Sharkjira's fight. After the fight, Luminite went on to migrate to the artic seas and other areas.

    Things to know about Luminite in this AU of mine
    Luminite was in hungry shark world, traveling through the maps

    In the Artic Ocean, Luminite killed Titanus Alan. Because Alan tried attacking Luminite.

    Luminites whereabouts is in the Arabian Ocean. Now dormant and will return next summer

    Any questions of this AU I the comments of this post. I will answer.

    This AU is called the "Hungry Kaiju" AU

  14. i remeber having that shark to bad my progress was lost

  15. Hungry shark evolution FGOL

  16. Og's will remember asking, when are more lab sharks coming out?

  17. Oye hungry shark para cuando nueva comunity shark 🙂

  18. The part when he slices the submarine in half

  19. Wth man, you guys should be a movie creator after watching the clip.

  20. It,s will dont for to we’re well be from there’😊

  21. Are they gonna do another drawing contest, because I did not enter last time?

  22. Halo Ubisoft akun game saya di tv hilang,bagimana cara mengembalikan akun saya kembali semula,tolong dong Ubisoft bantu saya🙏🙏🙏

  23. that’s the same trailer as anomalyis

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