Hungry Shark Evolution Mr Snappy with new Lava Baby -

Hungry Shark Evolution Mr Snappy with new Lava Baby

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Subscribe. I’m going to make whole Mr Snappy series.
If you wanna buy Lava Baby just for Mr Snappy, I’d not recommend that because it’s not worth it as this shark can eat any explosive son don’t need any protection only it can protect from fire, that’s not even bad though.


  1. Guess wat , as a tiger shark I got aten by a Megalodon and Dunkeleostus and as a Great White Shark I got aten by a Mosasaur and Alan…. I have bad luck these days.

  2. The lava shark? I voted it! I support the FGOL team and I said fire shark. Who likes my idea plz like!

  3. Who did you got him I got big daddy level 10 but have to leave vel him up one more time :3

  4. doesnt windows phone or pc users get this update???? plz tell me i want this so bad >_<

  5. Zombie gansa Fortnite battle royale and more says:

    Can you get me gems

  6. This was cool but I'm better
    Than this guy
    Because I was one of the creators who created this 

  7. wow I want mr. Snappy so badly, I'm only on the tiger shark!

  8. Do u have Mr.Snappy after u have Big Daddy Shark?

  9. when I was waiting for u to get in the ocean I jumped up and thought I was playing then u realized oh I'm just watching youtube XD

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