Hungry Shark Evolution | New evolutions full reveal -

Hungry Shark Evolution | New evolutions full reveal

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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It’s time to keep evolving!

Three new sharks are ready to become even more powerful! 💪

New evolutions are LIVE.

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  1. I remember back then when the biggest shark was only the great white.. then megalodon.. good times.. Just started playing again, now at big daddy hoping able to try these new sharks

  2. Might be just me but is it just me or abbyssaurus has like 2 heads, I think its 1 head but to me it seems 2 heads

  3. Hungry Shark Evolution PC when?

  4. Can you guys bring back all the accessories to hungry shark world and also add more gadgets

  5. I feel like the evolution of the hammer head is better than the tiger shark evolution because when you boost to eat fish it doesn't eat them so you have to go back and not boost to eat them and the power it has just makes sharks stunned for not that long in gold rush all it does is make sharks near you come to you but the hammer head in gold rush lets you boost through the rocks and the hammer heads ghost sharks last longer than the stun of the tiger shark and they eat bigger sharks and that is a lot better than stunning things for like three seconds so why does the tiger shark evolution cost way more than hammer head evolution?

  6. Can you make the tiger shark evolution so when you boost it doesn't roar so you can eat the fish you boost at or can you make it so it can eat when it is roaring

  7. I love this game when I was child and now I still love this game hungry shark forever

  8. My fav. Sharks are megalodon And abysshark(abyssaurus)

  9. Only sharks to req evolutions are lumin kraken and ik this will sound funny but can you do reef 😖😂

  10. My question why the screenshot in Hungry shark evolution is cancelled

  11. Bang minta diamond hiu evolusen aku habis sunat

  12. The most broken game in history at this point, it isn't even playable. Bugs at everything corner, everything that made Evolution interesting a few years ago, ruined by greedy people. It honestly should've been left in peace the way it was.

  13. I have a question, why I can’t see In the shop the trials baby and the baby dragon, I downloaded the games but I don’t have them, maybe it’s a bug, can u fix it pls… thanks, I love ur game..

  14. Pls can you do more large the map?🙏🙏🙏

  15. Ubisoft can you do please evolve the kraken

  16. The game just kees getting better🤩🤩🤩🤩

  17. it is awesome it took me using the darkhammer 7 hours to get from 0 to 102,000 coins just to bye shark khan which it's special is sad

  18. Tiger shark is now really look like tiger 🐅🐯

  19. А я скачал взломанную версюю с 10000000 кристалами и с 10000000000 монетами

  20. Can you guys add something to the map that’s new pls

  21. Why can't I evolve my sharks is that new feature released yet?

  22. Yo descarge HUNGRY SHARK EVOLUTION y me descargo la versión 7.0.8 y la versión actual mas reciente es 8.7.0 desde la play store y descargo la última versión desde Chrome lo juego un rato después me salgo y me meto al juego y es la versión 7.0.8 y pone actualizar tocó actualizar y no pone que actualizar el juego no está modificado ni hackeado y no ay actualización

  23. New sharks in HSE:
    1) Spiny shark
    Hp:500, Size: 16m
    Eat🍴: Evil Lumi, Evil Spiny
    Gold Rush: Skill bullet spiny
    Skill: Burst out spiny
    2) Toxic Shark
    Hp 525, size 16,7m
    Eat: box toxic, evil spiny
    Gold Rush: Skill like Arron
    Skill: like Meltdown Shark
    New Special Sharks
    1)Diamond Shark
    Hp:375, size 13m
    Not Gold Rush, This is Diamond Rush
    2)Gold shark
    Hp 350, size 12,5m
    3)Mummy shark
    Hp: 325, size 11m
    4)Zombie shark
    Hp: 355, size 10m
    5)Dragon shark
    Hp 400, size 13,5m
    Not Gold Rush, This is Fire Rush
    6)Magic shark
    Hp 365, size 12,5m
    7)Double Heart Shark
    Hp 300, Size 8,5m
    8) Skully Shark
    Hp 275, size 9m

    1)Mega Gold Rush
    – Gold Bomb, gold jellyfish, gold submarine
    2)Letter H.U.N.G.R.Y
    -Intro Giant Shark

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