Hungry Shark Evolution Pyro Shark Android Gameplay #43 #DroidCheatGaming -

Hungry Shark Evolution Pyro Shark Android Gameplay #43 #DroidCheatGaming

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Swimmers Beware! Hungry Shark™ is back and
hungrier than ever!
Experience life as a Shark in the ultimate test
of survival. Jaw dropping 3D graphics and
action packed gameplay. Grow from a pup
into a 10 ton Great White Shark! Eat your way
around a diverse aquatic world full of wonder
and danger.
Feast on tasty sea creatures, swimmers,
turtles and fishermen to grow into a giant.
Battle enemy sharks, submarines, and the
weird creatures of the deep. Chain up combo
bonuses to gain massive hiscores!
Complete missions and find treasure to earn
coins and gems. Spend these rewards on
upgrading your sharks abilities or buy special
life-saving items. Progress to unlock the most
ferocious beasts in the sea: Mako Shark,
Hammerhead, Tiger Shark and the almighty
Great White
✔ Console quality 3D graphics
✔ 5 Shark species to grow & upgrade
✔ Unlock Baby Sharks & other awesome
✔ A huge free-roaming world to terrorise
✔ Intuitive touch or tilt controls
✔ Sunken treasure to discover
✔ Many weird & wonderful creatures to eat
✔ 45 missions to complete
✔ A clockwork robot gibbon
✔ Facebook social features
✔ Google Play Games achievements & hi-
scores leaderboards

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  30. i'm on my grandmas computer hi i'm autumn i don't have that lava shark yet but i'm trying to save my money in the game for it

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