Hungry Shark Evolution - Sharkjira the Ultimate Predator! -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Sharkjira the Ultimate Predator!

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Introducing… SHARKJIRA! ☄
Rampage like never before with a new shark coming to Hungry Shark Evolution from June 18th! Sharkjira can walk on land, shoot lasers and crush everything in its path! Boom💥 Boom💥


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  1. Everyone thought that they were safe on land from the sharks, until this dude came.

  2. I Think "SharkJira" Is From The Name Of "Godzilla Or Gojira" In A Japan Movie Title "Godzilla"

  3. Sharkjira Is From The Name In Japanese Movie Called "Gojira"

  4. "Two Years Ago Using "Sharkjira"
    Now Using "SharkJira" With Skin

  5. Why can't sharkjira eat luminite and kraken and abbyshark

  6. And why cant Leo eat all sharks cmon he has big mouth

  7. Sharkjira ultimate predator :luminite BISH WATCHA SAY

  8. With this shark, called Shakira, you can do everything. Oops, it's Sharkjira lol

  9. Ubisoft I need to buy this shark in 85% discount

  10. I like hangry shark game ar ren man adventure

  11. Godzilla: Ubist you best I wish I was a shark

  12. Mothra: why there two waits shark Godzilla and a godzilla?

  13. Hey ubisoft make a new update for hungry shark world called blood extinction and make a new shark in the release trailer called shin zombie sharkjira

  14. Godzilla VsShark2012 🦈🦖🏖️ Godzilla ()1992Mechajir

  15. Abbyshark: imma end this man's whole career

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