Hungry Shark Evolution: Sharks Never Stop Hunting -
Hungry Shark Evolution Sharks Never Stop Hunting

Hungry Shark Evolution: Sharks Never Stop Hunting

The 5th installment of the series, it has much-improved graphics and content. In Hungry Shark Evolution new sharks are numerous and more powerful. This underwater world is rich with missions, food, and gems. Explore the depths of the ocean, eat other creatures, and collect bonuses. Which you spend on skins or gadgets.

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The biggest advantage of the title is the number of playable characters. The beasts are stronger and more diverse than in previous adventures. There are only a few of them:

  • Moby Dick. A real monster, the 4th strongest one. Its length reaches up to 45 meters. It moves fast and inflicts a lot of damage.

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    • Electro Shark. Created in a secret lab, it stuns enemies with electroshock. Its low price and great powers make it a useful companion.

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    • Mako Shark. Growing up to 5 meters, it has a high speed. And jumps above the surface. Essential in several missions.

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Hungry Shark Evolution: Sunken Objects

Searching for items is an interesting feature of the game. 15 in total, they are scattered around the map. These are several valuable ones:

  • Wakaba (550 coins). It is a tiny green doll and a spirit of trees. Which was later seen in another Ubisoft game Little Raiders.
  • Clockwork Robot Gibbon (725 points). A toy monkey, surrounded by oversized jellyfish.
  • Bog Brush (1400 bonuses). It is located among rocks. You may encounter many enemies when trying to reach For instance, divers with weapons.
  • Dart Board. It grants 1675 scores and is a real challenge. Not every playable character can get it.
  • Lucky Horseshoe (1975 points). Located in a maze, it is tricky to grab.

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Gathering bonuses is fun. They provide upgrades and features you can use to your advantage. But it usually takes time to collect the necessary amount. Some try Hungry Shark Evolution cheats to get doubled coins and gems. They don’t give a limitless supply. But help save faster. Be careful when searching for the codes. Don’t switch off the antivirus and avoid suspicious links.


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