Hungry Shark Evolution - The Megalodon -

Hungry Shark Evolution – The Megalodon

Hungry Shark
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Chomp your way in an ocean of fun and adventures with the latest Hungry Shark game from Future Games of London!


  1. I thought the megalodon already came into the game because in that shark week image from the first version the megalodon was next to the Great White shark

  2. in the android version the graphics are horrible can you fix that please its all blurry 

  3. I thin the Megalodon is very cool but he is to big so you cant swim in tiny holes

  4. megalodon is actually bigger then a dunkalosteus

  5. I remember when megaloddon was unlocked in my 2014 gameplay of hungry shark evo I even have the hungry shark evo plush toy

  6. Крутая акула Мегалодон !!!

  7. Whew… I remember this trailer getting me hyped af when I was younger. Megalodon was the biggest, baddest creature around… now we got all these dumb extra sharks. I don't mind the special, superpowered ones, but a dunkleosteus and Moby Dick is just getting ridiculous now

  8. i got that shark but its darkalodon its a skin im not cheating

  9. Music perfect 👍👽🌊🌊🌊

  10. i'm glad they even knew what "cenozoic" is

  11. God I miss the old days when the Megalodon was the biggest in the game and when the game ran at 60fps. Mmmm

  12. I remember when the Megalodon was the most powerful shark in the game. Now, it is not a shark everyone looks forward to playing as anymore.

  13. لعبه سمك القرش القديمه🦈

  14. New players: let me guess this is your home?) Old players: yes it was so beautiful.

  15. I have a megalodon, and all elvoved fish and 2 baby shark. So fun

  16. No megalodon ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠

  17. Why does he look soooo big in this trailer while in game he's small af

  18. Everyone: talking about how nostalgiac this is
    Me: on my way to get every shark except megalodon

  19. Hungry shark back then: Unlock the Megalodon, the most ferocious predator to exist.

    Hungry shark now: our newest shark’s ability is the same as the electro shark but much stronger

  20. Imagine how amazing the current game would look (with Sharkjira, Behemoth, and all the other new sharks) with the old graphics.

  21. Dinosaur (The Famous Extinct Animal) says:

    Angry Dinosaur Characters

    Compy – a small but short tempered dinosaur who seeks revenge on history of Earth

    Velociraptor – he's back from "Jurassic Park" and he kicks everything near him

    Dodo – he's back from extinction and seeks revenge on humans who killed him

    Dimorphodon – he flies back to seek revenge on what history did to him

    Dilophosaurus – he's spits every posion ivy on people as he likes killing everyone with his posionous abilty

    Pteranodon – he flies to the sky before he had no choice but to kill off birds and people

    Carnotaurus – he's back from the dead as he runs and acts like a giant bipedal bull

    Titanoboa – he's back from the Cenozoic era and he gets even bigger and bigger as he eats everything that he hisses on

    Tyrannosaurus – he's back from the Cretaceous period so he's millions of years old but also due to his size everyone saw him as a much more accurate monster

    Brontosaurus – a diplodocoid who's back from the end of the Jurassic period makes a thundering sound for sweet revenge on history

    Brachiosaurus – a long necked beast who came back from the end of the Jurassic period

    Megalodon – he's back from the Cenozoic era which he gets hungrier than any modern shark unlike modern sharks he is like the biggest shark recorded just because due to his massive size

  22. Recuerdo aún cuando recien salio el Megalodon😢

  23. Give megalodon a big upgrade like evolved form better any shark in the game that he would have a mega bite just please.

  24. It's like meg is now low tier is so 😢 give this big guy a chance.

  25. Pls go back to old voson pls😢😢😢😢

  26. 😢God please bring back olden days of HSE

  27. legends will know that this shark was one of the best at the time

  28. That homie looks huge compare to the new update, plz make it like that again it looks better

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