Hungry Shark Evolution Theme Song -

Hungry Shark Evolution Theme Song

Hungry Shark Evolution
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hungry shark evolution theme song
hungry shark evolution theme song mp3


  1. POV you’re a billionaire and you see a shark swimming towards you

  2. Обычная игра за никса би лайк:

  3. So the titanic become the one piece irl? Gotta go hop on a adventure

  4. Bro Who Ever Was Playing Hungry Shark Evolution At The Day When The Titan Submarine Was Close To The Titanic, Bro Why Did You Destroy The Titan Submarine? Those People In The Sub Heard The Theme Song. Just Why? (Joke)

  5. i totally forgot about this banger 🔥🔥

  6. Акулки, спасибо вам за детство!

  7. Pov : You're stuck in a submarine deep in the ocean and suddenly hear this


  9. I've heard the song since I was little😢 beautiful song

  10. POV: hearing a submarine in that year☠️☠️☠️

  11. this game needs a crocodilian. btw i had 7-8 years of gameplay in this game

  12. I want to play that game now and have my all sharks😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. This go hard fr. So nostalgic, yet almost nobody talks about it. Reminds me of doodle jump, beach buggy racing, fun run, shadow fight 1 and 2, and vector.

  14. The DJ in the whole music


  15. When ur on the titanic sub and you hear this start playing…

  16. I thought this would be for like team fortress 2 or something like that

  17. Man everybody talks about subway surfers, clash of clans, and bad piggues for their themes, but nobody mentions this banger

  18. Youre in antarctica, hear a pyroraptor, and hear this banger come on.

  19. 想像力상상력想像力—— —— — says:

    Nyx Assassin Main Theme:

  20. When i was a kid i actually forced my mom to play the game for me while im at kindergarten

  21. Давайте признаемся, все когда впервые услышали этот трек в тиктоке подумали про TF 2.

  22. This was the banger last heard from the submarine.

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