Hungry Shark Evolution Trailer 2015 -

Hungry Shark Evolution Trailer 2015

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Get the action packed aquatic adventure everyone is talking about.


  1. Yall remember when the megalodon was the best shark?

  2. The True Family

    Megalodon = The Father
    Great White Shark = The Mother
    Tiger Shark = The Oldest Child
    Hammer Head Shark & Mako Shark = The Middle Child
    Reef Shark = The Youngest

  3. I miss the trailer and old fashioned hungry shark evolution

  4. I remember this old version of Hungry Shark Evo, I still play This game but the I play the new version. I remember first playing this game. Omg so much old good memories…

  5. “Let me guess your childhood”
    Me : “it was… and it was beautiful”

  6. Who remembered when megalodon was the biggest shark in hungry shark evolution? 🦈 i miss the old days..

  7. So glad I got recommended this 5 years later

  8. 4016:godzilla earth shark
    5024:void ghidorah shark

  9. Ancient megalodon in hungry shark world be like: wassup bro I am stronger

  10. I remember having so many sharks and when I look back at this amazing part of my childhood, I love how much progress I made

  11. as I think the old versions were better and more interesting

  12. Vengo del futuro y spoliare que en el futuro está Godzilla tiburón ooooo ya me tengo que ir c telestransport a

  13. I love the shark eating is fast now. i hate when giant shark eats a school of fish individually

  14. Ahhh heh heh… Brings back memories 🥲

  15. Boy this game changed, Berber forget when I played it in 2017 and came back to it today.

  16. Janqjgfudrwsjrahweahdkjkkngkjthfdyewwyrgfj

  17. Damn I remember when the Megalodon is the biggest shark in that game.

  18. I wished I could download the old old version:((( makes me sad

  19. 2025:Sharkjira Earth size of mountain

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