Hungry Shark Evolution | World Record High-Score 453,486,016 -

Hungry Shark Evolution | World Record High-Score 453,486,016

Dino Destroyer
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Getting 453,486,016 Points and surviving for 1:02:57 (1 hour 2 min and 57 sec) Also placing 1st in the “Most Coins in One Game Event” (179,438)

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  1. I got 382923163 score once but spent gems (20)

  2. And no jets or nothing completley the shark itself

  3. Highscore is 330m

    Pissed asf because the game decided to be retarded and froze.

    I got nothing after that 40 minute run
    Missed out on 77k gold, 20 gems, and the xp i earned to level my shark up

  4. I got 5000000 points but wen I died my WiFi lagged and deleted my highscore

  5. I got about 7 hundred million points before as shark jira

  6. What? only 400 million? I get 300 mill regularly, my high score is 550 million there is no way this is a world record.

  7. My dad just scored 477971704 time to get back to work you just got stomped

  8. My highest score is 145 million with sharkjira

  9. I catching up to you man only 150 mill more till I beat u

  10. I got 80:22:22 for my longest time is that good I don’t remember this game that much

  11. i found a glitch, so I'm easily able to break that record of time.

  12. I got 108,000,000 score with the new luminite shark

  13. Holy moly it took 3 years to break your time record
    I survived for 1:25:13 and wow it feels good but my score is very low compared to yours

  14. Not anymore a world record watch the gaming beavers newest video hw got 700 mil

  15. Do you any one no how do you fix Hungry shark Evolution is not working when you open the app just keep loading loading loading I open the App for five hours and still loading can anyone help me plsssssss

  16. I broke your score no hate and no joke

    Score:472 million

  17. I scored 1 trillion+ but I am an uneducated so I can't upload it

  18. I got 75mil with evolved snappy and I got a low score bc am poor I got it when it was 50 percent off

  19. i got a billion high score to be specific 1 billion and 6 million with the magma jira

  20. Wow you beat me, my high score is 220m

  21. Even when i have the new strongest shark

  22. I ended bc my phone crashed

  23. I got a higher score but on the latest version

  24. I got a higher score but on the latest version

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