Hungry Shark | How to draw Cosmic Alan -

Hungry Shark | How to draw Cosmic Alan

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Break out your pencils and colouring pens and get creative with our guide to drawing the #HungrySharks. In this video we will show you how to draw Cosmic Alan!

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  1. Whats up with the graphics??? Back in 2015 it looked so good and realistic now it looks worse and more cartoon like than it did back then

  2. Game hungry shark amazing 👍👍
    Im from Indonesia 🇲🇨

  3. O criador do hungry shark eu posso ter todos os tubarões por favor porque eu não tenho nenhum eu sou pobre uma moeda de gemas diamante eu só queria um pouco eu só queria ter todos os tubarões porque vai demorar demais só isso 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Where is the update? !!? Hungry shark evolution

  5. ꧁вєrทαr∂σ-572 τнє αทiмατσr꧂ツ says:

    I want unlock shin sharkjira,how i unlock he easy?

  6. In my personal opinion Ubisoft is probably one of the least problematic game companies it’s better than devisisters clickteam LCC mihoyo so your my fav company and I love your games 🛐🛐🛐

  7. Disculpen ubisoft cuando saldrá de nuevo el calamar colosal

  8. Can u make a new update for hungry shark evo two choises i would like is a new shark or mega evoulution

  9. Make a trailer of the bane shark where the descriptions says it has venom in its brain where it has a mask on and a human muscular hulk like body and has its fin inside its suit with the backpack having a venom chamber inside of it with tunes on the backpack leading to the back of the head and the arms and the chest and abs in a new shark section called marvel dc section and all the sharks in the marvel dc section are free including the bane shark were the bane shark has a ability where you press the vile of venom then it turns the bane shark into a bigger muscular shark and you can run faster and swim faster ok ubisoft

  10. Can you give me in hungry shark world godziilly

  11. I am having a hard time getting this shark

  12. !Pleaseeee make a portal of gem fish in the next update

  13. can yall PLEASE make the sharkjira "stomp on 300 bystanders" 200 bystanders? its super hard right now

  14. If you are reading the comment, is it okay if you can make Hungry Shark Heroes again 🥺

  15. Hi I love hungry shark so can I have a shark for free dude also cracked drawing

  16. I used to have so much good sharks but and then my iPad resetted

  17. Can you unlock Mecha Sharkjira because I want to make a video showing him in hungry shark world.

  18. why can't I fight with BOSS? and I can't see rangkings

  19. Hola yo soy veterana en el juego , llevo jugando 8 años. Y mi cumpleaños es el 13 de fedrero y me gustaria que isieran algo epesial.
    Pero bueno boy a seguir jugando para consegir perlas.

  20. Разработчики хангри шарка2 когда выйдет следуйщее обновление?, и ответьте на русском

  21. Make luminite in new on hungry shark world plss

  22. Hungry Shark when will
    another🐬 shark be released?

  23. That’s not a cosmic Alan it’s Chinese dragon u can see his face

  24. Can You Add More Maps To Hungry Shark World Like You Should Add The Indian Ocean, New York Ocean, African Ocean & Other Country Oceans

  25. Are any of these newer sharks in the console (Xbox) version of the game?

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