Hungry Shark Part 3 (The 3rd Hungry Shark Evolution / World) -

Hungry Shark Part 3 (The 3rd Hungry Shark Evolution / World)

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  1. I believe this is the last version before Hungry Shark Evolution was made…

  2. I don't see difference between this one and part 1 or 2

  3. Those old agmes… yes… I can still play them but just Hungry Shark Part 1,Trilogy and Hungry Shark Night

  4. I had hungry shark night I remember seeing this on App Store I didn’t have it but I wanted it

  5. Honestly old iOS games were the best. No in app purchases or grinding. I still have all 3 of the hungry shark games on my parents first generation iPad that runs on like iOS 3

  6. Vehicle Hutch-Back Production ' Snowpiercer says:

    Its old version of hungry shark

  7. The part we’re you’re “fighting” the boss and you’re literally just eating the workers and not damaging it irritates me

  8. Oh my god. Fucking nostalgia. My dad give me phone, and i play HS 3.

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