Hungry Shark Primal Historic Version Trailer -

Hungry Shark Primal Historic Version Trailer

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Hungry Shark Primal Historic Version Trailer


  1. Why is it not on Apple like other hungry shark games?

  2. Belum muncul bang aplikasinya… Soalnya dari dulu aku suka yang hungry shark world, tapi sayang beda kalau di update gak bisa beruba bentuk sesuai livel.

  3. I've waited to long for this after 8 years my dream has come true

  4. No mames Siiiiiiuuuu llevo 3 años esperando este juego

  5. I know it's early access, but it's been stuck as a gray screen for a while after the Ubisoft logo disappeared.

  6. RAWRSOME!!! When is it coming out of all devices and all of countries?!!! Because I am excited for this!!!!

  7. Dont make the game have tickets i want to play the game normally and not wait for an refill

  8. Ironically, I had a dream about this like a year ago before even hearing about this, kinda cool tbh

  9. please dont downgrade the graphic like you did with hungry shark world.

  10. Is this like a tie-in to farcry primal?

  11. I'm still waiting for a hungry dino world

  12. They must add every prehistoric underwater creature

  13. Hungry Shark but prehistoric thats nice i guess

  14. Can you add A whale version of hungry shark world plssss

  15. I be playing evolution and world, now THIS looks a lot fun and hilarious.

  16. I be playing evolution and world, now THIS looks a lot fun and hilarious.

  17. yeah, I know it's real, but I can't play it my phone can't with that version

  18. I thought it was an update of Hungry Shark World,but when I searched up, it was it's own separate game O_O

  19. so coooool! u gotta add MEGALODON!!!! and GIGANOTOSAURUS!!!

  20. just when i thought there will be no more sharkcin this game was my childhood

  21. I want a hungry shark game for consoles that’s a platformer/obstacle course/puzzle solver game, akin to Little nightmare, especially with the side cam view but where the shark can be upgraded and modified and where you don’t just eat, you fight and with not just you mouth, but other thing around you

  22. Por fin!!!!!! Nuevo juego de hungry shark 😀

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