Hungry Shark Shorts - Custom Shades -

Hungry Shark Shorts – Custom Shades

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Episode 2 of the Hungry Shark Shorts series has arrived!

A sneak peek into the trials and tribulations of our most oddly shaped friend, the Hammerhead shark.

The Hammerhead sharks unique eye positioning gives him a predatory advantage in the ocean; let’s explore how these creatures react when faced with everyday ergonomic challenges.

Hungry Shark Shorts is brought to you by Future Games of London, A Ubisoft studio. More episodes, coming soon!

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Hungry Shark World:

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Production & Animation – Matt Clark of “The Pixel Hive”.
Writing & Direction – Alex Franks.
Sound – Stafford Bawler.

Special thanks:
Marketing – Lena Barendt, Stephanie Warwick, Valentina Marchetti.
Executive Producer – Chris Dawson.
Direction – Johanna Cranston, Ian Harper, Adrian Lacey.


  1. Why Use Your Head Oh Now I Get Plus If You Wanna Make A Hammerhead Shark's Sunglasses This Is How You Do It But I Kinda Feel Bad That Hammerhead Ran Out Of Time

  2. Aaaaaaaaaa mi escena favorita

  3. I love you hungry shark was part of my childhood

  4. 0:18 what a hammer head would do in sharkbite if someone was hiding in the corner from roblox

  5. Wouldn’t it hurt using your head as a hammer like he has eyes on the sides so a nail going into an eye wether the eye is closed or open that’s gonna hurt but it’s 3D and 3D animations take forever so ima sub

  6. That scream sound so real also I love the part where he laughs like a mad scientist

  7. Оно живое, ОНО ЖИВОЕ!

  8. I like the shorts are the glasses to fix it was super funny but I still like it because it’s way cooler

  9. I like how he used his head to hammer

  10. تعليقي باللغة العربية

  11. Its ok shark you did your best and I’m proud of that 🙂

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. I am now in 2021 and I play the game since i was 4

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