Hungry Shark Shorts - Custom Shades -

Hungry Shark Shorts – Custom Shades

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Episode 2 of the Hungry Shark Shorts series has arrived!

A sneak peek into the trials and tribulations of our most oddly shaped friend, the Hammerhead shark.

The Hammerhead sharks unique eye positioning gives him a predatory advantage in the ocean; let’s explore how these creatures react when faced with everyday ergonomic challenges.

Hungry Shark Shorts is brought to you by Future Games of London, A Ubisoft studio. More episodes, coming soon!

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Hungry Shark World:

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Production & Animation – Matt Clark of “The Pixel Hive”.
Writing & Direction – Alex Franks.
Sound – Stafford Bawler.

Special thanks:
Marketing – Lena Barendt, Stephanie Warwick, Valentina Marchetti.
Executive Producer – Chris Dawson.
Direction – Johanna Cranston, Ian Harper, Adrian Lacey.


  1. Hammerhead screams it literally killed me

  2. When hammer heads wear sun glasses:AAAAAAAAAAAA

  3. 0:17 are you okay dude? I think your staring into my soul..

  4. Can someone do 10 hours of hammerhead hammering?

  5. What too man-
    Aww spot isn't strong enough 0:08

    How about speed? 0:12

    Almost 🙁 0:15

    STRENGTH 0:16

    It didn't work… 0:19

    WINGED SPOT!!!!!!!!!!! 0:20


    future begins

  6. Lol he use his head as hammer..that very nice one 🤣🤣0:21

  7. The good thing about hammerhead shark is it doesnt kill/or has appetite on eating humans he only eats fish.

  8. Etdguvhgeyshsjhzhjzhegfzgsfg🍱🍿🥗🥣🥛🍪🍪

  9. Fact
    Hammerhead Sharks are named for it’s Bizarre hammer shaped head
    It has a keen eyesight it can even look what behind them
    Hammerhead sharks also hunts Stingrays with it’s hammer shaped head

  10. 0:03 These 2 sharks can wear glasses cause they have Torpedo Shaped heads

  11. Hammerhead Sharks
    When Shark evolution gone wrong

  12. 𝙸𝚗𝚏𝚛𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚛𝚞𝚌𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎 says:

    me: stubs toe
    my leg: 0:20

  13. Any updates for GRABATRON? Its been so long.

  14. Wait,did they're just walk on the ground?!

  15. He usise his head as a hamer but just saying do you guys think that wolld hert

  16. OMG poor hammerhead but he is sad if the day is bad.

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