Hungry Shark Trilogy HD - iPAD, iPHONE -By Future Games of London -

Hungry Shark Trilogy HD – iPAD, iPHONE -By Future Games of London

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Played By 10 Years Old Joseph David.

★★★ Over 20 Million Players on iOS!! ★★★
Including Boss Fight.

Chomp your way to the top of the food chain in this fast-paced aquatic eat ’em-up. Binge on the beach, trawl the depths and raid the Antarctic to satisfy your voracious appetite. Pick-up-and-play fun with beat-your-buddies online hi-scores. Feeling peckish?

★ – 4.5/5
“Something odd happened when I picked up Hungry Shark Trilogy for the first time. I ate a human…and I liked it. It made a satisfying crunching noise.”

★ BuzzFocus – 96%!
“Hungry Shark is addictive, simple to play and undeniably fun. You can play for hours and only skim the surface of what this game has to offer… This game is just that damn good.”

★ 5/5

★ 90/100

★ 4.5/5

★ AppSpy 4/5

★ WeDoTech 4.5/5


Feed your shark and grow to become the most formidable predator of the seas! But beware… this will soon attract the attention of armed shark hunters both above and below the waves.

Game features:
• Full use of Tilt controls + alternate touch controls
• An ocean full of food and enemies
• Combo eating bonuses
• Lost objects from the world above, find them all for big points
• Hiscore tables: Private and Global, Last 24hrs, Your Country
• Unlock achievements by completing challenges!
• Game Center support – show off your achievements and leaderboard scores to other Game Center friends!


  1. Dave you need some nice people like me I'm nice

  2. Ben böyle oyunun Fuck anladınızmı fuçk

  3. Stop saying that this is bad

    1) That's old game .

    2)You probably didn't played it .

    3) Without this , Hungry shark night , evo and wirld won't exist ! This is grandfather for Hungry shark World or Evolution .

    That game is pribably from 2010 , but FGOL was back then probably small company .

  4. Is this game still avalible? I really want to play it on my tablet

  5. i remember playing this game aaa good times

  6. I remember playing this when I was little and when I reached the max level I completed the game it looks like. And the stupid ass old man in wheel chair would tease ur shark and when I got him and ate him I thought I won but he comes back alive again I was like 0_o

  7. I wonder why they took this game off of Play store.

  8. @Daves Gaming how do you record these videos ? Do you use el gato?

  9. it is still pretty good for an old game

  10. it is still the fist hungry shark game so gonna respect it for that

  11. I remember this when it was in adroid!!! A long time ago!

  12. the good old day i renumber myself play this on comfy chair i love that time..

  13. I remember when I was 7, I loved these games, looking back, it isn't as bad as people say it is!

  14. Man like the good old days of these games I was like 5 when I was playing this sadly my tablet was given away and my parents were waiting for another one for me a Samsung tablet and when I got it this game was updated and was removed

  15. Dude anyone remember the map update they had where you could play in the North Pole not today's version the old games update those penguins we're assholes

  16. Man i miss this version of the game so much. it brings back so many old memories 😥

  17. Only if kids Had played this game in the ol days. I remember like in 2011 with my uncles IPod lolol

  18. Why isn't this or hungry shark night on the play store


  20. I played this back in 2010 It is the best, this is where it all started Hungrysharkevo and hungry shark world and hungry dragons to shark heroes

    To download it, go to the APK download

  21. I am finding game like hungry shark
    Game name it's something like gravetron
    But I can't find please help me

  22. I remember playing this game on my Kindle fire hd when 7

  23. Google user it is bad the graphics u stupid

  24. I remember trying to fight that wheelchair guy But always dying

  25. What is this game name again is it the 1st or the 2nd or the 3rd

  26. So his name is confirmed to be Chris…..

  27. FGOL is probably still a small lesser known company during this time….. now it's so big and famous….. thanks to Hungry Shark

  28. This is so fucking great to realise that the trilogy edition is lost (i could not find it anywhere)

  29. It’s a megalodon it does not start that big

  30. Any wonder what’s the lore of this game. Like who’s that doctor from evolution, and the giant crab like did it have baby’s and are they going to come to this game, are the two games take place in the same time or is this one even a prequel and wtf is that fish with a face on it on the first game and why does he have a man-cave with a portrait of him. Some one please make a theory about this game please!!

  31. It’s possible to install a apk or a same thing? 🥺

  32. Part 2 and 3 maps are show on google images but part 1 map no

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