Hungry Shark World | Brawlhalla Mako in action! -

Hungry Shark World | Brawlhalla Mako in action!

Hungry Shark
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Have you unlocked the all new @Brawlhalla Mako skin in #HungrySharkWorld? Here’s a quick gameplay clip showing the new skin in action! Get in the game and unlock it as the reward for Tier 5 of the Free Track for Splash Pass Season 3! Step into the golden age of gaming with diverse pokemon emerald online emulator selection. It’s not just a trip down memory lane – it’s a full-on adventure!

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  1. Mako is my favorite shark before..Since there is a 170 gems sale on gaia, i buy it and my gems became 24.But thanks to gaia i sometimes get a lot of gems in a single game!

  2. It doesn't even look like it's easily swallowed by an orange shark with hands and legs.

  3. Im love hungry shark world I played it for 7 years and I still don’t get sick of it hungry shark plz like or comment on my comment I’m 10

  4. That’s our fastest shark

  5. I dont get it does the skin give any buffs?

  6. I disagree with the fact that it is very difficult for Hungry Shark World players to buy Mecha Sharkjira, Shin Sharkjira and Abyssal Shark, because to buy Mecha Sharkjira, Hungry Shark World players have to do the task and it costs a lot. diamonds for that, but if you want to buy Shin Sharkjira, you have to buy Mecha Sharkjira, you know it must be very difficult and Abyssal Shark has to play 200/200 purple bars to buy it and I hope publisher will devel

  7. we will never change this legendary game again, the developers do not listen to the players and do not want to revolutionize, the game is in decline 😢😢😢😢😢

  8. Hi Hungry Shark, I’m Jimmy, and I wanted to know if you can add multiplier in your games. My brother, Timmy, is retarded and got a goldfish pregnant, please add it.


  10. Owner can I have some 600 gems I Need use this i play hungry shark

  11. How many time it is goin to took the other hungry shark

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